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  • Ibuprofen, a common over-the-counter drug worldwide, added to the healthy lifespan of yeast, worms and flies in a recent study. (Texas A&M AgriLife Research photo by Kathleen Phillips)

  • Progressive dinner spanning Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Maserati and McLaren showrooms and Toy Drive benefits Community Partners of Dallas.
  • Ron Chapman is a name familiar to his many former listeners on KVIL and KLUV. But, going back to his television days, Ron was host of Sump'n Else on WFAA-TV in the mid-'60s. He will be at a booksigning event celebrating the new book The Sump'n Else Show by Bud Buschardt with Sam Sauls. The date is Saturday afternoon, December 20, from 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. at Josey Records, 2821 LBJ Freeway in Dallas. Also planning to be there are Jim Rowley (director), Bob Cardenas (cameraman) and Kathy Forney (dancer). photo courtesy of Jim Rowley
  • Dodd City ISD is a recipient of the Texas Comptroller’s 2014 Texas Honors Circle Award, which recognizes districts and campuses that achieve academic success through cost-effective operations. Award recipients achieve strong academic performance while spending relatively less compared to their fiscal peers.
  • 1606 – The Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery depart England carrying settlers who found, at Jamestown, Virginia, the first of the thirteen colonies that became the United States. The Jamestown settlement in the Colony of Virginia was the first permanent English settlement in the Americas. William Kelso says Jamestown "is where the British Empire began ... this was the first colony in the British Empire." Established by the Virginia Company of London as "James Fort" on May 4, 1607 (O.S., May 14, 1607 N.S.), and considered permanent after brief abandonment in 1610, it followed several earlier failed attempts, including the Lost Colony of Roanoke. Jamestown served as the capital of the colony for 83 years, from 1616 until 1699. The settlement was located within the country of Tsenacommacah, which was administered by the Powhatan Confederacy, and specifically in that of the Paspahegh tribe. The natives initially welcomed and provided crucial provisions and support for the colonists, who were not agriculturally inclined. Relations with the newcomers soured fairly early on, leading to the total annihilation of the Paspahegh in warfare within 3 years. Mortality at Jamestown itself was very high due to disease and starvation, with over 80% of the colonists perishing in 1609-1610 in what became known as the "Starving Time."
  • Now that almost all your Christmas shopping is done, maybe it is time to do a little shopping for you! And you don't have to fight the traffic on a rainy night, either, because your favorite gift this year may be as close as Bonham Creative Arts Center.