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  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Red River Regional Hospital (RRRH) have reached an agreement on a Systems Improvement Agreement (SIA).
  • Empty Bowls was a chance for the public to pick out a unique ceramic bowl, enjoy a variety of delicious gourmet soups in the bowl, listen to live music, finish the meal off with a choice of desserts and then take the bowl home to add to a personal collection or even give away as a Christmas gift -- all for only $10.
  • Former Texas State Historian, Dr. Light Cummins will be back in Bonham Friday, November 21, to discuss the historic statue of James Butler Bonham sculpted by noted regional artist Allie Tennant, but this time the statue will look just as good as it did in December 1938 when Tennant watched it lowered onto its marble base.
  • Gabe Parker, Holden Webster and Dakkota Foster star in the 80-minute, three-cast member production of 'Art' at Grayson College Nov. 21-23. The funny dialogue explores friendship from many angles. This production will also be the Collegeís entry into the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.
  • The Citizenís Police Academy was established to promote an understanding of the Commerce Police Department and its policies and procedures. Police work is filled with many variables that require professional solutions. The goal is to address perceived suspicions and misconceptions by establishing mutual trust and cooperation between the police and the citizens of Commerce. It is also an opportunity to promote civic awareness.

  • 164 BC Ė Judas Maccabeus, son of Mattathias of the Hasmonean family, restores the Temple in Jerusalem. This event is commemorated each year by the festival of Hanukkah. The Temple in Jerusalem or Holy Temple was one of a series of structures which were located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem, the current site of the Dome of the Rock. These successive temples stood at this location and functioned as a site of ancient Israelite and later Jewish worship.