• Pregnancies used to be fun. Okay, okay, we carried around a watermelon seed inside of us that grew to the size of a piano. But there were no diet restrictions, we were actually advised to give up exercise, it was all right to drink coffee or alcohol, we could soak up sun on the beach, and people treated us with all the care and vigilance of a homemade time bomb.
  • This past April, 2016, British politics was described as in chaos after Labour party's Ken Livingstone said that Hitler favored Zionism. A bitter struggle continues in Britain over "growing anti-Semitism" in the country that had been trusted by the League of Nations with the mandate of Palestine after World War One.
  • Lanny Joe is of retirement age, yes, but he is far from retired. His Golden Years are being spent at the controls of a zero-turn John Deere© mower. And he is quick to clarify: "I'm a lawn mower, not a lawnmower. There's a difference." He refers to his one-employee business as "two men and a goat."

  • I only discovered fresh leeks a few years ago when taking a class at Dallas Central Market's Cooking School. I had always thought that green onions were an acceptable substitute for them. Little did I know that leeks, although they looked like giant green onions, were more subtle in taste than onions, plus sometimes with a slightly sweet flavor. Now I no longer substitute green onions for leeks. They really add a different flavor to the dish you are cooking.
  • While shopping at the mall last summer, I stopped at a shoe store to get some footwear for the beach.

    "Could I see your thongs?" I asked, casually squinting as I tried to remember the other vacation items on my list.

    "Mine?" gasped the young narcotics offender at the register.
  • What Texan has not heard of the King Ranch in South Texas? I know I did when I was just a Texan toddler travelling across Texas. Both Mother and Daddy had the best stories about it and kept us three children at bay while being travel weary of the crowded car’s back seat.
  • Spring cleaning is a pillow-fluff compared with that deadly summer ritual of cleaning for long-distance relatives. This requires some math, along with a mop. The depth of cleaning is directly proportional to the distance these folks travel. You won’t find this cleaning formula among Heloise's hints, but it’s been understood and passed down from one generation of dusters to the next. (The formula is diluted, however, with each passing.)
  • Watching the news on the morning of 9/11/2001, I still vividly remember the first plane crashing into the first World Trade Tower. No one could have known how this one event would define the context of American History in the 21st century.
  • It's been a few days since Patty Duke died on March 29, 2016. She was only sixty-nine. And life is moving on with just a little hint of emptiness.
  • I've been experimenting with sauce recipes to accompany the corned beef strudel, but haven't come up with one I like yet. For now, if you make this strudel, you might serve on the side the same mustard you add to the cabbage and onions. If you have a sauce that goes well with this strudel, please share it.
  • Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan is a car fanatic. But instead of collecting miniatures, he builds monuments to his favorite vehicles. He then houses them in his personal pyramid-shaped garage, which is located 45 minutes outside of Abu Dhabi. The elephant in the room is the 50-ton Dodge Power Wagon, which is eight times the size of the original Power Wagon. Just to give a scale of the Power Wagon, they park a regular little Datsun pickup underneath it. Outrageous? Yep.
  • America's Electrical Cooperatives Designated the second of April as National Lineman Appreciation Day.