Jagger Lindsey to continue tennis career at Jacksonville College
By Allen Rich
May 21, 2024
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Bonham, Texas -- With only four years of experience at the sport, Jagger Lindsey knows he is only scratching the surface of his potential in tennis, but sheer athleticism and talent are already taking him to the collegiate ranks.

In a ceremony held Wednesday, May 15, 2024, Lindsey joined a select few of Bonham tennis standouts who managed to take their game to the next level when he signed with Jackson College.

A versatile athlete, Lindsey could have picked any number of sports to concentrate on. At 6'5", he looks like a dangerous wide receiver. In basketball he can soar like the power forward that he is in his spare time, but that's not where his heart is.

Everything changed when Lindsey walked onto the tennis courts his freshman year.

"I fell in love with the sport," Lindsey says. "I feel like tennis is a very unique sport and there is nothing else quite like it. There is the mental aspect and a physical aspect. "

It was a glimpse of things to come when Lindsey qualified for the state tournament only three years after picking up a racket for the first time.

"Being in the larger school district in our area, I feel itís a bit more challenging to make it that far in Class 3A so it was a great accomplishment," Lindsey recalls.

Now that he is taking his game to the collegiate level, Lindsey is well aware he will be surrounded by players with much more experience. While he doesn't have 10 years of tennis under his belt, Lindsey knows that, with only four years of experience, he has vast potential to continue improving.

"Being very athletic has really helped me progress rather quickly in tennis," remarks Lindsey. "I cannot wait to see how much more I can progress at a higher level."

What compelled Lindsey to pick Jackson College?

"I really have respect for the coach," says Lindsey. "He is very active when it comes to coaching style and is very hands-on and active in practices. He still plays in tournaments himself and his knowledge base of the game is very in-depth."

What will Lindsey be concentrating on to get ready for collegiate competition?

"Iím looking to get a lot more match play experience this summer participating in UTR Tournaments in the DFW area to help prepare myself," explains Lindsey, "as well as maintaining my tennis and physical training so I can be totally prepared this fall for collegiate competition."