Thanksgiving Table Talks: Planning for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse in Dallas-Fort Worth
By Total Eclipse DFW media release
Nov 24, 2023
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Dallas, Texas -- As Thanksgiving approaches in 2024, there's more to discuss around the dinner table this year than just turkey and stuffing. Total Eclipse DFW invites families to include planning for the upcoming celestial event of a lifetime – the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse - in their upcoming Thanksgiving Table Talks. While these “Table Talks” may not typically be formal in many families, they can be great opportunities to make plans for the following year while counting blessings everyone is thankful for now.

This can be especially important during the 2023 Thanksgiving celebrations, which often include the people who are nearest and dearest to one another

For those who live in the DFW Metroplex or plan to visit to experience the extraordinary celestial event taking place on April 8, 2024, Total Eclipse DFW encourages planning ahead to make a memory of a lifetime with family and friends.

The 2024 Total Solar Eclipse is a rare and exceptional event for Dallas-Fort Worth and its residents. The eclipse's Path of Totality, where observers experience complete darkness, will pass directly over the DFW area, covering approximately 300+ cities. Here's why this eclipse is extraordinary:

How to Start Your Thanksgiving Table Talks

As you gather around the Thanksgiving table, consider these conversation starters to make discussing the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse exciting and relatable:

  1. Who Wants to Come and Where Will Everyone Stay? Discover which of your loved ones want to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience and plan to ensure everyone can be accommodated, considering the expected high demand for all forms of lodging from hotel rooms to inns and even campsites.
  2. Where Will You Experience Totality? Decide whether you'll watch the eclipse from home or explore ideal viewing spots in DFW, such as local parks, eclipse viewing events, museums, campuses, sports venues or hundreds of other public spaces.
  3. Ensure Eye Protection: Emphasize the importance of using certified eclipse glasses for safe viewing and discuss where to obtain them in advance. (It is important to learn the factors that make viewing glasses safe and order them no later than January.  There were not enough available for everyone who wanted to view the 2017 Eclipse in the U.S.)
  4. Plan Ahead: Highlight the necessity of thorough planning, including stocking up on essential supplies (including food and gas as many places will be closed or experience long lines) and avoiding unnecessary travel on eclipse day due to traffic congestion.
  5. Timing Is Everything: Discuss the precise timing of the Eclipse for your location, the need to arrive early to secure a prime viewing spot and the duration of Totality.
  6. Weather Considerations: Explore the impact of weather on Eclipse viewing, emphasizing that even on a cloudy day, the magic of Totality can be experienced.

“There is no human experience quite like a Solar Eclipse; it is both a profound individual and community experience,” said Debra Ross, co-chair,  American Astronomical Society National Solar Eclipse Task Force. “We’ve been reading and hearing about the way our solar system works since grade school, but during a Total Solar Eclipse, for a few brief minutes, you feel celestial mechanics with your whole body. I travelled to Missouri with my daughter for the 2017 Total Eclipse. I went in as a skeptic but came out a convert. It is a bucket list event and not one to miss.”

This Thanksgiving, Total Eclipse DFW encourages families to come together and plan to create lasting memories by witnessing the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse from the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. For more information and resources, visit


Total Eclipse DFW is a regional campaign dedicated to showcasing the April 8, 2024, Total Solar Eclipse and the awe-inspiring Path of Totality as the quintessential celestial spectacle in North America. Operating as the central nexus, Total Eclipse DFW is the go-to resource for all aspects of the once-in-a-lifetime event, including Eclipse-related information and events specific to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our core mission is to ensure universal access to ISO-certified safe Solar Eclipse viewing glasses while simultaneously engaging and partnering with residents, visitors, governmental entities, businesses and media to orchestrate an unforgettable Eclipse encounter for all involved. Furthermore, we take pride in championing Dallas-Fort Worth as the premier location to witness this extraordinary astronomical phenomenon. For more information, please visit

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