Bonham City Council proclaims April 9-15 to be National 911 Public Safety Telecommunicators Week
By Allen Rich
Apr 12, 2023
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Bonham, Texas -- Bonham Mayor H. Compton presided over a regular meeting of Bonham City Council Monday, April 10, 2023 with councilmembers John Burnett, Timothy La Vergne, Michael Evans, Kevin Hayes and Wayne Moore present; Bill Chapman was absent.

The meeting opened with an invocation by Mark Posey, pastor of First Congregational Methodist Church in Bonham.

Mayor Compton congratulated Fannin Agricultural Association, Inc. members Jaylen Wallace, Cole Lackey, Blaine Alexander, Christy Flanagan, Amy Lindsey, Landon Shinpaugh, Cody Maxwell, Payton Berni and Dean Lackey for the spectacular success of the association's inaugural Steaks on Main Cook-off that was held Saturday, April 1, 2023.

The event began Saturday morning with teams of chefs pitting their skills against each other to see who could send the finest ribeye to the judges. Double R Chuckwagon, comprised of Mark Rattan and his son, Tyler Rattan, won first place and bragging rights for the year.

Front row: Tyler Rattan and Mark Rattan. Back row (L-R): Fannin Agricultural Association, Inc. staff members (L-R): Jaylen Wallace, Landon Shinpaugh, Cody Maxwell and Amy Lindsey

Approximately 750 ticket holders enjoyed hors d'oeuvres, beverages and a ribeye dinner in historic downtown Bonham.

Afterward, hundreds of Texas music fans spent a memorable evening listening to a free concert by Jason Boland & The Stragglers.

"We've already got plans for next year," promised Dean Lackey.

Jason Boland and the Stragglers

Fannin Agricultural Association, Inc. was created to promote agriculture in Fannin County and surrounding areas through community outreach and events, as well as support agricultural education in County schools and youth agricultural education programs.


Bonham City Council approved minutes from a regular meeting March 13, 2023.


Michelle Burnett, City of Bonham Finance Supervisor, delivered the financial report for month ending March 31, 2023.

"The General Fund continues to show a large positive variance in revenues through March which is typically the case as we collect the majority of our ad valorem receipts through the month of February," Ms. Burnett reported. "Building permits are slightly lower than anticipated in the budget with a YTD collection $48,000 less than this time last year."

Burnett advised city council that, on the expense side of the budget, there will be some street department capital items and some other noted adjustments that will require a budget amendment. The budget amendment is expected to be presented in May.

"The City Finance Department staff is still working diligently to prepare for the upcoming FY 2022 audit, set to begin at the beginning of June," Burnett added. "In addition, the City has begun preliminary budget worksheets for the FY 2024 budget."

Bonham City Council approved the financial report for March 2023.


In the segment of the regular meeting reserved for citizens to speak, Rusty Deets warned of possible repercussions if the city doesn't adhere to its sidewalk ordinance, particularly government standards regarding handicapped accessibility.

"We are not following the rules," Mr. Deets stated. "We do for some, but not others."


Mayor Compton thanked members of American Legion Post 283 for supplying over 13,000 Easter eggs and then assisting with the city's Easter egg hunt in Powder Creek Park. Bonham City Council issued a proclamation declaring April 2023 to be American Legion Children and Youth Month in Bonham.

Bonham Mayor H. Compton (left) presents a proclamation to Wolf Laughing of American Legion Post 283.


In recognition of the professionalism and dedication of the telecommunicators of Bonham Police Department, Bonham City Council proclaimed April 9-15 to be National 911 Public Safety Telecommunicators Week in Bonham.

(L-R) Megan Robinson, Carin Hepner, Layla Brewer, Rodney Blackerby and Cheyenne Taylor are presented a proclamation by Bonham Mayor Pro Tem Kevin Hayes.


Bonham City Council voted to rename Field #2 of the Larry Shockley Athletic Complex as the Ronnie Partridge Field #2.

Ronnie Hill, Director of Parks & Recreation, told how Ronnie Partridge grew up helping his father, Lester Partridge, promote baseball in Bonham. One field has already been named in honor of the elder Partridge.  

"If anyone deserves to have a field named after him, it would be Ronnie Partridge," Mr. Hill remarked. 


Bonham City Council approved a contract for Election Services between the Fannin County Clerk and the City of Bonham for the May 6, 2023 election.

Bonham City Manager Sean Pate said the city, county and school district work together to offer the most cost-effective service possible.


Bonham City Council voted to amend Section II paragraph 4 of the Inter-Local Contract for Emergency Medical Services between the City of Bonham, Texas and Fannin County, Texas in regards to non-emergency medical transportation.

Due to a loss of the City of Savoy ambulance provider, Bonham Fire Department EMS is covering that area and experiencing an increased volume of calls. To offset this development, all calls originating from TMC Hospital Bonham will be handled by Texoma Medical Center 3rd party ambulance service. This should cut down on long-distance transports, reduce out-of-service time and potentially lower maintenance costs.

"I think the arrangement is good for us," Bonham Fire Chief Scott Ridling advised city council.  


Bonham City Council approved the city’s participation in the Opioid Settlement as set forth in the Subdivision Participation and Release Forms with Walgreens Settlement, Wal-Mart Settlement, Allergan Settlement, and CVS Settlement.

The City of Bonham can expect to receive approximately $13,545.79 from Allergan; $30,445.90 from CVS; $34,067.43 from Walgreens; and $17,031.66 from Wal-Mart for a total of $95,090.78.


Bonham City Council voted to approve a Specific Use Permit / Zoning Change located at 1107 Pine St (ID# 92175) from Single Family Residential to Duplex.


Bonham City Council held a public hearing and then voted to approve an ordinance amending Ordinance 1393, resulting in a, 11.06 increase in solid waste collection services inside the city and at Lake Bonham.

A spokesman for Sanitary Solutions said the cost of fuel made the increase necessary.

City resident Rusty Deets complained that trash receptacles are being left in the street at times. 


Bonham City Council held a public hearing and then discussed an ordinance providing rules of conduct for council meetings and providing rules for citizen communication during city council meetings.

The City of Bonham has never adopted formal rules of conduct, however city staff is developing an ordinance that is clear, concise and consistent regarding behavior and communication at city council meetings. The council was divided over instituting a rule that, in order to speak in public forum, a form must be submitted to the city secretary at least 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the city council meeting.

Bonham City Council voted to table this agenda item for further study.