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By DS Gands
Oct 31, 2004
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Austin Impacts –  Vol. 1 No. 08


Some North Texas Polling Place Location information:


Grayson County


Fannin County


Collin County


Hunt County (Just type in your zip code).  This is a slick locator that pulls up lists that are available on the Net – for any location in the US.  Found this on the cover page of Yahoo!


After several attempts to locate news listings of the Lamar County polling places, the following is included here for readers:

Lamar County

Local Election office
119 N. Main
Paris, TX 75460
Phone: (903) 737-2420


CONTACT INFO FOR ALL COUNTIES - TEXAS:  Secretary of State Clerk listing for each County (this is an address and telephone listing for each County)



From the Governor’s Office:


Gov. Perry Helps Launch 'Meth Watch' Program in East Texas

October 26 – Excerpt:  TYLER – Gov. Rick Perry today helped launch the “Meth Watch” program in East Texas, including announcing a $50,000 grant to help East Texas counties fight a growing epidemic of methamphetamine labs.


“Like the crack cocaine epidemic that swept our nation’s urban areas in the 1980s, a new methamphetamine plague is spreading in rural areas, robbing too many Texans of their health and hope, and leaving severe devastation in its wake,” Perry said.


Related story:  North Texas e-News feature article:  The Ice Wars Cometh



From the Lt. Governor’s Office:


Collin County makes S.O.S. Top 15 List  for early voting in Texas:


35.84% Voting early through October 28, 2004.


Other years by comparison


Secretary of State Elections Division Site



From Texas Workforce Commission:


As seasonal jobs begin to impact statistics, Sherman-Denison unemployment at 5.4% in September, down only .2%  from 5.6% in the August report.

  September Unemployment Report



From Department of Health and Human Services:


HHSC Plan Provides Consumers, Community Groups With Options
October 21 -
The state's plan to modernize the way Texans apply for many services, including Medicaid and food stamps, will make the application process more convenient for consumers and will provide community organizations with new tools to support their work.



From Department of Health:


Press Release:  West Nile -- October 29, 2004


DSHS has confirmed 83 human cases of neuroinvasive West Nile in 31 Texas counties this year, including eight deaths.


The 83 cases were in residents of Andrews (2), Bexar, Brazoria, Brazos, Cameron, Childress, Dallas (6), Dickens, Ector (2), El Paso (20), Galveston, Garza, Hale (2), Harris (19), Hockley, Hunt, Hutchinson, Jeff Davis, Jefferson (3), Liberty, Midland, Montgomery, Oldham, Orange (2), Parmer, Potter, Sherman, Tarrant (4), Travis (2) and Washington counties.


The deaths were in residents of El Paso (2), Harris, Hockley, Oldham, Orange (2) and Midland counties.


Neuroinvasive refers to meningitis or encephalitis.


In 2004 West Nile has been detected in humans, birds, mosquitoes or horses in 77 Texas counties. (See List)


In 2003 West Nile was detected in 190 of the state's 254 counties. There were 439 human cases from 86 Texas counties, including 38 deaths.


In 2002 West Nile was detected in 213 Texas counties. There were 202 human cases from 37 Texas counties, including 13 deaths.


Since the virus was first found in Texas in 2002, West Nile has been detected in humans, birds, mosquitoes or horses in 230 of the state's 254 counties.


     TDH News Release:   First Confirmed Human Case in 2004  
News Feature:   TDH Urges Repellent Use      
Summary Statistics       County-by-County Statistics


From Comptroller’s Office:


Statement From Comptroller Strayhorn On President's Signing Of Bill Restoring Sales Tax Deduction



From Texas Education Agency:


Class size provisions to go through rule process


            October 29, 2004, AUSTIN – Commissioner of Education Shirley J. Neeley today announced that she is withdrawing her Oct. 5 guidance letter on the state’s class size limits for early grades and will instead go through the more collaborative process of creating a commissioner’s rule that outlines procedures to follow when more than 22 students enroll in a kindergarten through fourth-grade class.



From Texas Parks and Wildlife:


Texas Deer Hunting Season Shaping Up to the Best in Years


Because there are approximately 83 million acres of range, hunters may have to cover more ground, however -


“…The good news is there are more than 4 million white-tailed deer in the Lone Star State and thanks to excellent range conditions; they should be in great shape with above-average antler development and high body weights.”



From Department of Agriculture:


Promoting rural communities – the Texas Yes! Website  is up and running away with great info for all!



From Texas Commission on Environmental Quality:


A search of the Clerk’s Database for TCEQ has revealed the last entry regarding the Luella area contest of the Hillside Landfill permit for a vertical expansion of the site.  The last entry designated at the time of this compilation was October 18, 2004, denoting a Rule 11 Agreement to Stay Contested Case Proceeding.  The database record shows that the contested permit application is ‘active’.



From Texas Department of Homeland Security:


            Current Status:  ELEVATED



From the Senate Press Office:


            Senate Committees:  Hearings scheduled


            November 3rd- Water Flow and Water Policy hearings

November 9th – Natural Resources



From the House Press Office:


            House Committees:  Schedule



For Immediate Release
Monday, October 18, 2004



AUSTIN -- House Speaker Tom Craddick Monday announced that Royce Poinsett, who has worked for Texas Govs. George W. Bush and Rick Perry as well as U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, is the new general counsel to the speaker.

Poinsett also has worked for Karl Rove & Associates, for U.S. Rep. Sam Johnson, Texas, and for Baltimore City Councilman (now Mayor) Martin O'Malley.



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