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By DS Gands
Jul 26, 2004
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From the Governor’s Office:


Gov. Perry Requests Additional $50 Million in Bonds for Colonia Roads

July 22 - EAGLE PASS – Gov. Rick Perry today announced that he has asked the Texas Public Finance Authority to issue an additional $50 million in bonds to build more paved roads in colonias all along Texas’ 1,200 mile border with Mexico. If approved, the bonds will be the second issuance from the $175 million bond issue for colonia roads that Texas voters approved in 2001.




From the Office of  Secretary of State


Texas Colonias Info



Office of the Attorney General


Attorney General Abbott, 31 States Reach $5 Million Settlement With Top Wireless Companies Over Deceptive Practices

Cingular, Sprint PCS, Verizon take wide-ranging steps to resolve problems


AUSTIN – July 21 - Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott today filed an agreement with 31 other states settling a deceptive practices investigation against three top telecommunications companies over misleading advertising and service charges.




From Department of Health:


State Urges Compliance with School Vaccination Requirements

July 22 - State health and education officials say parents should make sure their children are in compliance with school-enrollment vaccination requirements before school starts or the students will not be allowed to attend school.




From Texas Parks and Wildlife:


How To Avoid Pitfalls When Buying Used Boats

July 19 AUSTIN, Texas — The transfer of boats and motors appears to be getting sloppier, with more and more people not getting titles, some sellers altering sale prices on transfer documents to avoid higher taxes and others who are inadvertently purchasing stolen crafts. So game wardens want to advise people to treat the buying or selling of a boat like they would that of an automobile.




Texas Forest Service


2004 Community Forestry Awards Program Seeking Nominations

Celebrate the accomplishments of those who have dedicated their talents to spreading a leafy green canopy over Texas by nominating them for the 2004 Texas Community Forestry Awards Program. This program is open to anyone who has a role in building stronger communities by planting, maintaining or protecting trees.


Ordering seedlings



From the General Land Office


Commissioner Patterson seeks to expand deal with Wal-Mart

$80 million investment by Permanent School Fund could grow up to $100 million


AUSTIN — A solid investment for the state’s schoolchildren may soon grow even bigger, said Jerry Patterson, Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office.


Patterson will announce today that he is moving to bring before the School Land Board phase II of the proposed Wal-Mart distribution center near Baytown, potentially increasing the state’s investment to $100 million and doubling the size of what would already be the largest Wal-Mart distribution center in Texas.





From Texas Department of Public Safety:


DPS Confirms Record Marijuana Seizure

DPS has confirmed that the July 16 seizure of nearly six tons of marijuana in Bee County is the largest traffic-stop drug seizure in DPS history.


The 11,921 pounds of marijuana was confiscated on U.S. 181 near Skidmore after an 18-wheeler was stopped for speeding by a Highway Patrol trooper.


Suspicious behavior by the driver led to a search of the trailer and the discovery of 292 bundles of marijuana mixed with a load of mangoes.


The driver—a Pharr, Texas resident—was arrested.   The 11,921 pounds of marijuana (packaged weight) sets a DPS record for a marijuana seizure that occurred after a routine traffic stop.



From Texas Department of Homeland Security:


            Current Status:  ELEVATED



From the Senate Press Office:


            Senate Committee Hearings and Events



From the House Press Office:


            House Committee Hearings and Events


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