Kelly Marra is July's Artist of the Month
By Creative Arts Center
Jul 15, 2004
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Each month, Bonham State Bank graciously features the Creative Arts Center’s Artist of the Month. There, in their welcoming lobby you can view the painting, sketch, photography or sculpture of one of the Creative Arts Center’s Juried Artists. This month, see “Mommy & Me”, in acrylic on canvas by Kelly Marra.

As a child, drawing and coloring were Kelly’s favorite things to do. As she grew older, her favorite subject was always art. She dreamed of a future as a cartoonist for Disney, and the dream also included doing voices and singing for the films! With many dreams in sight, Kelly first chose song, going to Baylor University on a vocal scholarship. Homesick after only a semester, however, she transferred to the University of North Texas in Denton. Realizing she preferred singing country over opera, she changed her major to Art and considers herself much happier for it.

“I remember coming to Bonham on field trips when I was in school in McKinney, and I always thought it was such a wonderful town. I wanted to live there someday”, remembers Kelly. And that she did, as she, her husband and step-son came our way three years ago. “God has blessed us so much in Bonham” reflects Kelly, on a time filled with wonderful new friendships, the birth of their daughter, Loni in 2002 and, now, a new child due in October. Some of her happiest memories took place in the Creative Arts Center’s artist workroom. “There”, says Kelly, “I had the privilege of working with some of the most talented kids. I think I had more fun that they did! I really miss them.” As she recently said goodbye to Bonham, friends and students (the family has moved back to McKinney), she sent this message to her drawing students: “Keep up the good work! You know who you are! I miss you so much.”

Kelly tells her husband she wants to return to Bonham, “a wonderful place to live!” at some point in their lives. She found inspiration at the Creative Arts Center and began only last year in a new medium, acrylic paint. She fell in love with the brilliant colors she could achieve and loved the switch to working on an easel from her previous tabletop adventures in watercolor and drawing.

Among her favorite subjects are frogs, animals and most of all, sunrises and sunsets. She experiences great joy in painting the colors that she sees, as she surrounds herself with and produces her art with the vibrant colors that make her so happy. Human figure drawing is another passion, though models are hard to come by. She hopes to expand into portraiture someday soon, trying constantly to learn new things and expand her artistic horizons. She reads constantly and admits, “I have lots of books AND library fines! I want to keep learning everyday.”

While in Bonham, Kelly, who is also a massage therapist, opened a little massage office, which shared her studio space. It was there that she would escape when time allowed, to create something. With many ideas and limited free time, such creative adventures are limited; but this busy mom, wife, church member, volunteer, teacher, masseuse, friend AND artist will find a way!

“I feel very honored to be a part of the Creative Arts Center and to have been chosen as Artist of the Month. Bonham is very blessed to have the Creative Arts Center. It is so beneficial for our children to be exposed to the fine arts. God bless you all”, closes Kelly Marra…no longer a Bonham resident, but still in the heart of our little town by way of the gallery’s walls!