National Professional Social Work Month recognized
By Home Hospice of Grayson, Cooke, and Fannin Counties
Mar 15, 2017
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Sherman, TX - March is National Professional Social Work month! In recognition of all social workers and their contributions, Home Hospice of Grayson, Cooke & Fannin Counties asked the communities of Sherman, Denison and Gainesville to issue proclamations for National Professional Social Work Month to honor those who give so selflessly. 

March 6, the Sherman City Council and Denison City Council presented National Professional Social Work Month proclamations to Home Hospice Social Workers Leslie Broughton, LMSW and Renee' Griffin, LMSW. On March 7, the Gainesville City Council presented the National Professional Social Work Month proclamation to Home Hospice Social Worker Kelly Lamkin, LBSW. 

The Home Hospice Social Workers accepted the proclamations on behalf of all social workers everywhere. The primary mission of the Social Work profession is to enhance well-being and help meet the basic needs of all people, especially the most vulnerable in society.  Social Workers work in all areas of our society to improve happiness, health and prosperity.

Home Hospice of Grayson, Cooke & Fannin Counties notes the importance of social workers in honor of National Professional Social Work Month. Social workers play a key role in ensuring the well-being of our patients and their families.

By comprehensively assessing the psychosocial and social needs of patients and their families and providing appropriate interventions, social workers facilitate access to health and community based services. The role of social workers within the interdisciplinary care team is essential to the proper care of both palliative care and hospice patients.

Thirty-five years ago in 1982 Home Hospice of Grayson County (now Home Hospice of Grayson, Cooke & Fannin Counties) was started by a nurse and social worker who served the community by volunteering their time for end-of-life care. Home Hospice of Grayson Cooke & Fannin Counties, values the team of social workers and support specialists who have and continue to serve our community, for their excellent work in helping patients and their families have the best possible Quality of Life.

Home Hospice of Grayson, Cooke and Fannin Counties is a 501(c)(3) community-based organization founded in 1982 and continuously serving our communities for 35 years. As the oldest and most trusted local hospice organization, our mission is to provide the best care and support enhancing the Quality of Life of our patients and their families. To learn about services and community outreach programs offered by Home Hospice, please visit or visit our Facebook page at