4th Special Session: Week two in brief
By DS Gands
Apr 28, 2004
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The Speaker called the House to order at approximately 10:21am Tuesday April 27, requested all members to register and declared a quorum present.


The Invocation was delivered and the Doctor of the Day was announced.


76 pieces of legislation were entered by First Reading of the Clerk of the House in less than eight minutes, referred to committee, and are as follows:


House Bill 31-50

House Concurrent Resolution 3 – 11 and 13

House Joint Resolution 4, 6, and 8

House Resolution 7-49  (Mostly dealing with recognizing certain individuals for various accomplishments throughout the State)


The Speaker recognized a few Representatives for announcements on the floor regarding meetings and hearings.  The Clerk announced a Redistricting Public Hearing to be held April 27th at 1pm.


House Concurrent Resolution 12 asking that the House stand in adjournment was read on the floor following the suspension of the three day rule, and passed without objection.   Representative Heplin was recognized and stated that a few more days were needed in order to get the school finance Bill completed.


The House of Representatives adjourned at approximately 10:40 am.  The House will re-convene on May 3rd at 10am.


To follow some of the tax and appropriations measures that are being considered regarding school finance reform, follow the link immediately following this paragraph to locate the ones sent to committee today.

Filed House Bills –4th Special Session – 78th Legislature



The Senate was called to Order at 2pm.  The messenger from the House was received by the President of the Senate to announce the passage of HCR 12, notifying the Senate that the House of Representatives had adjourned until May 3rd at 10am.


Senate Bills 6,8,9,10, and Senate Joint Resolution 5 were read and referred to committee.  The Invocation was presented, and Senator Armbrister announced Dr. Barbara Conner as Doctor of the Day for the Capitol.


The Chair laid out HCR 12 and the motion was seconded.


Senator Shapiro was recognized regarding Senate Resolution 9, for the recognition of Chase Brown, Miss Teen Texas of 2003, who lives in Plano, Texas.  Senator Shapiro stated that Miss Brown is the first African-American to receive the honor since the pageant inception in 1990.  Miss Brown attends Booker T. Washington School of the Performing Arts in Dallas, and has been active in the performing arts since the age of five, and she is a vocalist.  Miss Brown has taken particular interest in advocating for diabetes causes and childhood obesity issues.


The members took time to receive Miss Brown following the presentation and welcome on the Senate Floor.


A proclamation from the Governor regarding specific appointments by the Governor for Senate consideration was read.  Senator Lindsay rose to propose that the Nominating Committee should have hearings and stated there were ‘controversial members’.  Senator Barrientos was recognized by the Chair and asked Senator Lindsay to yield for a couple of brief questions.  Senator Barrientos questions concerned the number of appointments, and Senator Lindsay stated that there had been about 300 appointments since June, and concluded that the appointments that were not addressed by Special Session would not need to be renominated, but would be considered in the 79th Legislative Session.


Julie Gonzalez was recognized as the Senate Page for the day by Senator Van de Putte and Senator Barrientos.  Julie is 11 years old, in the 5th grade at Langford Elementary and she has cerebral palsy.  The members welcomed Julie and left their seats to go meet her, flanked by Senator Barrientos.


The President’s desk was clear.  Announcements were made for meetingts and the Senate was adjourned until May 3rd.


Filed Senate Bills – 4th Special Session – 78th Legislature