Jordan family of Sanger welcomes international exchange students back to Texas
By media release
Nov 14, 2012
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In 2004 and 2005, Cheryl and Ron Jordan of Sanger, Texas welcomed two international exchange students into their home, when their daughter Ashlee was in high school. The students, Margarita Valencia of Colombia and Nadine Kruegel of Germany, attended the same high school as Ashlee and became a part of the Jordan family.

On October 20, 2012, Margarita and Nadine returned to Texas to be a part of Ashlee Jordan’s bridal party for her wedding day. This was the first time that Margarita and Nadine had seen the Jordan family since their time as exchange students.

According to Cheryl Jordan, “hosting an international student will make them a part of your family forever.”

Back row (l to r): Kasey Jordan, City Jordan, Cheryl Jordan (mother of the bride and host mother to Margarita & Nadine), and Robert Hilger. Middle row (l to r): Dani Hilger, Ashlee Green Cook (bride and host sister Margarita & Nadine), Adam Cook (groom), and Nadine Kruegel (from Germany). Front row (l to r): Margarita Valencia (from Columbia), Gage Cook, Lily Cook, Ron Jordan (father of the bride and host father to Margarita & Nadine). The Jordan family hosted Margarita Valencia and Nadine Kruegel through a foreign exchange program called Ayusa.