Bonham Police Department report
By Bonham Police Department
Sep 30, 2012
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Narcotics Arrest - September 20, 1000 Block Park Ave. Arresting Officer Cpl. William Abbott. A search warrant was executed as the result of a narcotics investigation. Contact was made with the homeowners, identified as Paul and Natalie Arizmendi, and they were advised of the search warrant. During the search of the residence, a dinner plate with a large amount of a brown powdery substance was located. The substance located was believed to be Heroin. Officers also located a large prescription bottle that had the patientís name scratched off and contained multiple pills. Paul and Natalie Arizmendi were taken into custody at that time. During the transport to the Police Department, Natalie Arizmendi would not sit still. The officer could feel Natalie placing her feet underneath the driverís seat to lift herself off the seat. The Officer advised Natalie that the rear seat had been checked for contraband prior to her transport and no contraband was located. Upon arriving at the Police Department, Natalie was removed from the car. Officers observed a powder substance on the seat where Natalie was seated. The officer removed the rear seat and observed more of the powder substance under the seat. While completing the book in process, Natalie was seated in a black chair. At one point, Natalie got up and walked to the trashcan. The officer then observed a powder substance in the chair Natalie had been seated in as well as the floor around the chair. Natalie was then given a different black chair to sit in. Natalie again stood up to use the trashcan and the officer observed the powder substance in the new chair and on the floor surrounding it. Natalie went to sit back down and the officer observed a bright green object protruding from her back waistband. Natalie was attempting to cover the object with her handcuffed hands. The container was removed and was found to have the lid open and a powder substance located inside the container. Natalie then began kicking at the powder substance on the floor in an attempt to destroy or conceal the evidence. The powder substance found in the residence as well as the substance found on the chairs and floor around Natalie was field tested and found to be positive for Heroin. Natalie Arizmendi was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance PG1 >1 Gram Drug Free Zone, Possession of Dangerous Drug, Tamper/Fabricate Physical Evidence and Driving While License Invalid. Paul Arizmendi was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance PG 1 >1 Gram Drug Free Zone and Possession of a Dangerous Drug.

Criminal Trespass - September 23, 200 Block Cherry St. Arresting Officer Sgt. Terry Edington. A call for service was received in reference to an unwanted person who refused to leave. Upon arrival contact was made with the victim. The victim advised that when she returned home she observed a female, who she knows as Rebecca Freeman, inside her residence. When asked to leave, Freeman refused. The victim stated that Freeman had not been invited to or inside her residence. Officers then made contact with Freeman. When asked why she did not leave when asked to, Freeman responded that she did not have to. Freeman was then placed under arrest for Criminal Trespass of a Habitation.

Arrest - September 24, 1000 Block Park Ave. Arresting Officer Ptl. Luke Rattan. Officers had prior knowledge that the homeowners were currently incarcerated and that no one had permission to use their vehicle left at the residence. Officers received information that a male suspect was using the vehicle without consent. Officers then maintained a visual surveillance on the residence and observed a male subject, known to officers as Charles Ryan Dickerson, enter the vehicle and drive off. Officers then made contact with the vehicle owner, who advised that Dickerson was given permission to enter the residence and care for their animals while they were incarcerated but was never given permission to use their vehicle. The vehicle owner then requested to file a report for the unauthorized use of their vehicle. A warrant was then issued. Officers arrived at the residence and served the warrant. Dickerson was placed under arrest for Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle.

Theft Arrest - September 25, 1500 Block W. Sam Rayburn Dr. Arresting Officer Cpl. Rick Burns. Detective Boyd advised of suspicious persons entering a business property around midnight. Two male subjects had been dropped off and walked into the used car section of the business. Det Boyd advised that the vehicle then proceeded to the business across the street and parked. Officers responded to the area. Det Boyd advised that the male subjects had returned from the used car section and were in possession of stolen property. The vehicle then traveled to the male suspectís location where they entered the vehicle and left the location. Officers were given a vehicle description and direction of travel. Officers then located the vehicle and conducted a vehicle stop. The two male suspects were identified as Billy White and Jonathan White. Det Boyd arrived on scene and identified the tailgate as the item stolen from the business. Billy White and Jonathan White were arrested and charged with Theft Over $1500/Under $20,000.

Driving While Intoxicated - September 25, 600 Block US 82 E. Arresting Officer Ptl. Joe Gentry. A call for service was received in reference to an accident. Upon arrival, officers observed a vehicle in the ditch with damage to the center front as if it collided with a sign or pole. While speaking with the driver, who was identified as Sheri Horn, officers could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from her breath and person. Officers then spoke to a witness who advised that the suspect's vehicle never slowed for the sharp left turn to the intersection of 82. The witness stated Horn's vehicle traveled through the ditch of the roadway, struck a sign, crossed HWY 82 and came to a stop in the north side ditch. He advised he missed colliding with the vehicle by mere feet. The witness stated he stopped and helped Horn from her vehicle and he could smell the distinct odor of an alcoholic beverage. Officers then made contact with Horn at the emergency room. Horn admitted to being intoxicated while driving. Horn was advised she was under arrest for Driving While Intoxicated 3rd.