The Power of a Quarter, part 2
By Kay Sisk
Mar 3, 2012
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The Bonham mah-jongg group continued its "Power of a Quarter" contributions on Wednesday, Feb 29, 2012 by donating $300 to the Fannin County Community Ministries.

Father Bill Dalton accepted the money from Carol Monte, while club members Rhonda Jones, Juanita Johnson, and Stephanie Wood looked on.

The mah-jongg group combines fun with community service by "fining" members a quarter for each game lost when they play on Wednesday mornings. Since January 2008 when Carol Monte suggested the fund-raising idea, the group has raised--and donated to various charitable organizations--$2600.

The Fannin County Community Ministries is the oldest and largest food pantry in the county and is operated solely by volunteers. Open 5 days/week, it feeds approximately 1000 people each month with food purchased at steep discounts from the North Texas Food Bank. Each dollar donated buys about seven pounds of food.

People needing help must be residents of Fannin County and may apply one time each month. In order to qualify, they must meet the guidelines set by FEMA.

To find out more about this organization and how you or your group can step up to the "Power of a Quarter", call 903-583-3663 or visit .

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