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Recorded Texas Historic Landmark historical marker unveiled at McClellan-Cunningham home in Bonham
By Sharon Terry, Fannin County Historical Commission
Nov 10, 2011

The Fannin County Historical Commission is pleased to announce a new Recorded Texas Historic Landmark marker has been unveiled in Fannin County. The historic McClellan-Cunningham home situated at 304 W. 7th Street in Bonham, is now owned by David and Teresa Stapp. The marker was dedicated Thursday, October 13, 2011, at 2:00 p.m. in a short ceremony.
Fannin County Historical Commission Chairman Tom Thornton opened the ceremony. Marker Chair Larry Standlee gave a short dissertation of the history of the house. After a few facts from David Stapp, Bonham Council woman, Ruth Ann Thomas, unveiled the marker. Those in attendance were: David and Teresa Stapp, Teresa’s mother, June Bowen, Lisa Kopf, Vicki Hopper, Ruth Ann and Bob Thomas, Tom Thornton, Larry Standlee, and Sharon Terry.
After the ceremony, a tour of the house was given. Visitors saw original mirrors, fire places, a display of the original wallpaper and gypsum wallboard, and a photo of Sam Rayburn with the judge and others taken there in the house.
The McClellan-Cunningham house, built for Judge Eugene D. McClellan in 1879, is a Queen Ann style Victorian. The exterior exhibits the usual Victorian scheme of projecting bays on the left and double verandas on the right. The roof erupts with dormers and gables, the verandas are laden with jigsaw trim and the façade undulates with wavy fish-scale shingles.