No-kill animal shelter in Hunt County
By Jody McIntier - President - Commerce Humane Association/Frank Barchard Memorial Animal Shelter
Mar 12, 2010
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There are days I think we are the best kept secret.  Yes, Hunt County does have a no-kill animal shelter.  It is run under the Commerce Humane Association and is located just outside of Wolfe City.  What is a No-Kill Shelter?  Well, that means we do not euthanize for space.  We will euthanize if it is the humane thing or if the animal is too aggressive to safely be adopted.  Since, we are a no-kill shelter we canít take animals unless we have space.  We will help you list your dog and get it placed even if we canít physically take the animal. 

It is important to understand we have limited space, so we canít take every animal.  That is the job of the municipal shelters.  Please donít dump dogs at the shelter, because that causes us undo problems.  If you need to relinquish your pet and you want our help email is the fastest way to reach us Ė  This email is monitored every day.  The phone 903/496-2412 just collects messages and when time allows the calls are returned.  We must place the animals in our care first, so time goes to them and then we do administrative work.  The shelter is 100% volunteer driven and most of our volunteers have other jobs. 

How can you partner with us to keep the shelter open and viable?  First, spay and neuter your pets, so we donít have so many pets that are homeless.  Second, volunteer your time.  Third, adopt donít buy.  Forth, donate Ė without your support we canít run the shelter.  Every dime that comes in goes directly to the care of the residence, because of that we always need people that can do hands on work.  As a non-profit we gladly give a tax deductible receipt for the gift of time. 

This isnít our shelter Ė Itís your shelter.  Itís for all of Hunt and surrounding counties to help reduce the number of animals that are euthanized in our municipal shelters.  Become part of the solution, get involved.  We have jobs for everyone from returning phone calls, paper work, computer work, to hands on care of the animals.  A tail wage and a lick on the hand will be your reward, but Iím here to tell you it will change your life.  When one of our residence looks at you and you realize this dog or cat would be dead today if it wasnít for the shelter it makes you stop and reevaluate your priorities.   

If you would like to volunteer email or call and we will put you to work.  If you would like to donate our mailing address is PO Box 2, Commerce, TX 75429.  If you want to give goods you can bring them to the shelter any afternoon, drop them off at Cause for Paws in Greenville, PetSense in Greenville/Sulphur Springs or PetSense in Commerce (just make sure you tell them that the donation is for us.) 

Next week Iíll get back to helpful hints.  My heart was heavy this morning with the needs of the shelter and so I just had to share this with you.  Again, I stress, this shelter is for all of Hunt County and it is yours as much as it is mine.  We want to get it finished so the residence will have a wonderful place to live, but we canít do it without YOU.  Thanks for your time and interest.