Fannin County Courthouse restoration architectural plans on display at Bonham Public Library
By Allen Rich
Mar 18, 2009
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The Fannin County Courthouse restoration architectural plans completed by Achitexas are now on display in the Bonham City Library.  This is a wonderful opportunity to review the plans of the imposing structure that once towered majestically over historic downtown Bonham.



Another sign of progress in the long, arduous restoration process was the drilling rig performing soil tests on the Fannin County Courthouse lawn on Tuesday to determine the presence and effect of expansive clays on floor slabs and the presence of groundwater, along with how those factors could effect construction.



The next component of the extensive geotechnical survey will be test pit excavations near the exterior of the courthouse to examine the condition of the foundation. 


Historic documents indicate the three-story Fannin County Courthouse, built in 1889, was supported by continuous strip footings founded on 15-foot long bois d'arc timber piles.  The possibility exists that a complete restoration may require a new foundation in the cross corridor.


This tribute to the American Navy during the Spanish American War was originally inset into the historic Fannin County Courthouse.


Also, information about the interior of the courthouse can aid in the restoration precess. If you or anyone you know has memories of the interior, please call Barbara McCutcheon at 903-583-3128. 


In addition to supporting restoration of the courthouse, Fannin County Historical Commission continues to compile recorded oral interviews.  If you’d like to do an oral interview, call Fannin County Historical Commission in the afternoons at 903-583-5947.