He calls it Joe 2004
By DS Gands
Sep 10, 2003
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He was born to immigrant parents, Henry and Marcia, in Stamford, CT, on February 24, 1942.  Father Henry worked his way from being a laborer on a bread truck to owning his own business, giving them the chance to send their son, Joe, to college.  He was the first in their family to go to college, graduating from Yale University in 1964.  In 1967, he graduated from Yale Law School.

Joe Lieberman immediately began private practice in New Haven, Connecticut, and maintained a law office through 1982.  During that period, he began his political career as a State Senator, and served as the State Senate Majority Leader from 1975-80.

1983 found Joe Lieberman serving his home state as Attorney General.  Until 1988, his record  reflects that he was tough on illegal toxic waste dumping and child support collections.  He stepped from that five year tenure into the United States Senate in 1989 and has been the Senator from Connecticut for 14 years; he was the Chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council from 1995-2000.  He was the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee in 2000, and earned more votes for VP than any other Democrat in history.  On September 1 of this year, a CBS News poll showed Joe Lieberman as a frontrunning Democratic candidate for President.

A champion for the people throughout his life and in public office, Lieberman has continued to place his principles in the center of all his efforts.  His quiet and kind approach to all he addresses has endeared him to many.  Joe also has a great sense of humor and allows it to be seen and enjoyed on occassion, like his national singing debute on Conan O'Brien.

His wife, Hadassah, is the child of Holocaust survivors who came to America, fleeing from Hilter’s Germany.  Her life story from the concentration camps of Europe to being a partner with her husband in a national political campaign embraces the very foundation of the American dream.

Hadassah was born in Prague, Czech Republic, in 1948, to parents Samuel and Ella Freilich.  Ella survived the concentration camps at Dachau and Auschwitz.  Samuel was taken into a Jewish slave labor camp, but organized a successful escape during a march toward Auschwitz in 1945.  Fleeing from Eastern Europe in 1949, the Freilich’s made their home in Gardner, Massachusetts where Hadassah’s father became a rabbi.

Receiving a bachelor's degree in Government and Dramatics from Boston University in 1970, and a master's in International Relations and American Government from Northeastern in 1971, she has been a key figure in organizing national and international conferences on women's health, worked to promote the achievements of children and adults with disabilities, and assisted in the development of educational standards for science and mathematics.  She has served on the national council of the Best Friends Foundation, which promotes international understanding. She was a member of the United States delegation to the commemoration ceremonies marking the liberation of Auschwitz, and serves on the board of the Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation.

She met Joe Lieberman in 1982, they married in 1983, and they have four children.  Standing by Joe’s side, Hadassah Lieberman has dazzled American office with her life story, kindness, and her knowledgeable speeches on women’s health issues, immigration concerns, and caring for aging parents.

Joe Lieberman is founding his campaign in the issues he holds dear.  Fighting poverty, the economy, funding for research on chronic diseases, energy independence for America, environmental concerns, and security including the peaceful transition of post-war Iraq.

Teaming with Senator John McCain - AZ, Lieberman has proposed an innovative new plan to tackle global warming by harnessing market forces. This plan is designed to yield guaranteed reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and spur innovation by giving companies maximum flexibility in participating in meeting emissions goals.

Visit the campaign website of Joe Lieberman to learn more at http://www.joe2004.com/.


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