A practical vision - Howard Dean
By DS Gands
Sep 3, 2003
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At the Young Democrats Convention

"I’m not interested in countering Bush,” Dean said in an interview with The Associated Press.  “I’m interested in laying out a vision for people, a practical vision based on experience.”

And, that’s exactly what he is doing. 


Howard Dean is a tough talkin’, tall walkin’ man with a plan, and he’s taking it straight to the American people.  On August 27th, a Zogby International poll taken from August 23-26 in New Hampshire, showed Howard Dean 21 points ahead of the next favored Democratic candidate, John Kerry, and miles ahead of the rest of the pack.  America is not only recognizing Howard Dean, they are proving that they like what they see.

Dean Announcing his candidacy for President
Arizona US Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva recently endorsed Dean, specifically citing Dean's stance as an advocate for health care and immigration reform, his support for education and civil rights, and his desire to reincorporate American values into foreign policy.



Who is Howard Dean?  He was born in New York City in 1948.  He graduated from St George’s School in Newport, Rhode Island in 1966.  The late Senator Prescott S. Bush graduated from St. George’s in 1913.  Prescott Bush is the father of George H. W. Bush. 

Dean went on to graduate from Yale in 1971.  He received his MD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine (New York) in 1978, and moved to Vermont to

Howard Dean and wife, Judith
complete his residency.  Opening a private practice in 1981 with his wife Judith, he practiced medicine for a decade, until beginning his service as Governor of Vermont in 1991.  During that time, Howard Dean served in the Vermont House of Representatives from 83-86, Assistant Minority Leader from 1985-86, Lieutenant Governor from 1986-1991.  Howard Dean won five consecutive terms as Governor of the State of Vermont.

Adressing the South Carolina Democratic Convention
Political organization associations include the Democratic Governors' Association, Executive Committee, 1997-present, the Democratic Governors' Association, which he Chaired in 1997, Chairman of the National Governors' Association from 1994-1995, a member of the National Education Goals Panel, and the National Governors' Association Task Force on Health Care, where he was a former Co-Chair.  He is a member of the National Governor's Association's Executive Committee and a past Chairman of the National Governor's Association.

His record as Governor is impressive on issues such as women’s rights, child abuse, economy, fiscal responsibility, taxes, education, agriculture and the environment.

Entertaining with his harmonica
His favorite movie is said to be 'Bullworth', which was written, produced, directed and starred by Warren Beatty.  His favorite book is 'Sometimes a Great Notion' by Ken Kesey, which was made into a movie in 1971, starring Paul Newman and Henry Fonda, and was also known as ‘Never Give An Inch’, about a logging family in the Northwest, unions, personal struggles and triumphs of the American blue collar family.


Speaking with attorneys at a San Francisco Bar Meeting
When he was asked who his favorite president was, he replied, “Two. George Washington, because he probably was the most important person in Western society to establish the rule of law, as opposed to the strength of an individual ruler, by his refusal to run for a third term and his refusal to accept the title of king or anything other than president. And Harry Truman's style is my style: Say what you think, do the right thing and don't follow the polls,' Dean said in an article published in The New York Times.

Portland, OR last week
Of Truman he has stated, “Fifty-five years ago, President Harry Truman delivered what was known as the Four Point speech. In it, he challenged Democrats and Republicans alike to come together to build strong and effective international organizations; to support arrangements that would spur global economic recovery; to join with free people everywhere in the defense of human liberty; and to draw upon the genius of our people to help societies who needed help in the battle against hunger and illness, ignorance and despair.

Dean on the cover of Time Magazine
“Harry Truman believed that a world in which even the poorest and most desperate had grounds for hope would be a world in which our own children could grow up in security and peace not because evil would then be absent from the globe, but because the forces of right would be united and strong.



“Harry Truman had faith as I have faith, and as I believe the American

From the podium in Seattle, WA last week
people have faith, that if we are wise enough and determined enough in our opposition to hate and our promotion of tolerance; in our opposition to aggression and our fidelity to law; we will have allies not only among governments but among people everywhere. Such an alliance can never be beaten. “

Regarding the war in Iraq, he said, “My opposition to the war, however, is part of a comprehensive view of America’s role in the world that I presented to the Council on Foreign Relations on June 25th (click here to read the speech).   In that speech, I laid out four goals for American leadership in the world:

Howard Dean likes to hike, ski, and go camping.  He was born under the sign of Scorpio, has two children, and their family has a three-legged family cat named Katie, who is a cancer survivor.

With the crowd in San Antonio
The New Hampshire primary is January 27th.  At the time of this writing, there were 427 days left until the Presidential election.  Wednesday night, August 26th, it was reported that a Republican e-mail was circulated asking contributors to help the Bush campaign, and depicting Mr. Bush as an underdog.  With the largest war chests in political history, I don’t think anyone is falling for that line, but I do smell a little fear in that heavy-handed regime.  They have been awfully quiet in the press of late, and that tells me that they have realized - the figurative glow has faded.

Howard Dean has so many accomplishments to his credit that it is impossible to do them justice in a newspaper column.   Not very far left however blunt he may be about his disagreements with the right, he is a centerist (not moderate)Democrat, from the Congregationalist church, a graduate of Yale with a medical background that he effectively utilized as a tool for the people of Vermont in Healthcare and family needs, and he's been the commander of more than a few political agendas, very successfully, since Bush's dad was a VP for Reagan.  His political successes exceed that of many candidates, and his tenure is virtually unblemished.   From farm families to protecting the environment, welfare to child abuse, healthcare to 50% female judicial appointments as Governor,  fiscal responsibility and accountability, and a winning streak that hasn’t been equaled in a Vermont century, Howard Dean is a political rock with a practical vision. 

If you are interested in the things that he has accomplished, not just the speeches and quotes, visit www.deanforamerica.com, and do a Google search on him.  I would recommend that you visit the Republican National Committee website, as well, and read how they portray ‘Who is Dean?’.  I found it to be rather typical.

Sixty-four percent of those polled in New Hampshire said they thought Bush would win a presidency in 2004.  They also said 2 to 1, that they preferred the take-no-prisoners Democrat Howard Dean to John Kerry.  They said it – loud and clear.


'Sleepless Summer' rally in Seattle, WA
Almost 44,000 people came out to hear Howard Dean at his ‘Sleepless Summer’ rallies across the nation during the three days of that polling.  His fund-raising has soared, and his message is being heard.  He walks among the blue-collar workers, talking and sharing with them like he’s one of the boys.  He stands at the podium and heralds a vision of sound perspective for all of America. 



Talking to folks at a July 4th Parade
He isn’t afraid to tell anyone what he thinks, and he’s got the facts and experience to back up his position.  He’s honest, compassionate, straightforward, experienced, intelligent, disciplined, and principled.  Howard Dean is presidential quality material.


He’s a tough talkin’, tall walkin’ man with a plan.  

Harry Truman would be proud.



 PHOTO CREDITS:  Mr. John Pettit/deanforamerica.com

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