Local News
Wolfe City police officer arrested
By City of Bonham
Aug 15, 2003

Bonham, Texas - Bonham Police report the arrest of an off duty Wolfe City Police officer, Pyne Gregory on Saturday night, charging him with Deadly Conduct.

Mr. Gregory and his wife had reported in the past unknown persons trying to get into their vehicle, but no one had ever been located.

On Saturday night, around 10:45 p.m. Mr. Gregory saw a vehicle, driven by the victim, drive by his house on more than one occasion that night and even pulling into his driveway.

Mr. Gregory and a neighbor followed  the vehicle and obtained a license number and police were notified.  Before police arrived, Mr. Gregory got behind the vehicle on Warpath Street.

The victim pulled her vehicle over to the side of the road and waved for Mr. Gregory to pass her. 

At this point Mr. Gregory stepped out from his vehicle, identified himself as a police officer and ordered the victim out of her car.

The victim stated Mr. Gregory pointed a gun at her when he ordered her from the car.

Mr. Gregory said he had the gun by his side but did not point it at her. 

Officers arrived and determined that the victim was trying to locate for almost an hour, an address in the 100 block of W. 16th Street to deliver a pizza, as she worked for Pizza Hut. 

She was in the area because the only W. 16th Street she could locate was in the area of the housing authority, near the Gregory residence.

There was nothing to indicate the victim had attempted to do anything to any vehicle or commit any criminal act and there was not sufficient reason to justify the force used by Mr. Gregory. 

The case has been referred to the Fannin County Attorney.