Everybody’s got a rock – Part II
By DS Gands
Aug 3, 2003
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How many of those big tax checks are going out to undecided voters or those with other perspectives?   Thirty-two percent of the country didn’t get anything but angry over the ‘tax cut’ and about 60% are questioning the administration’s intgrity.   It doesn’t seem possible that the Supreme Court could select a President, again, but then, one never knows what’s up the sleeves of these experienced magicians.

However, coming off the shocking stand by Democrats in Texas last May against the strong arm tactics of Washington to control voters, the new wave in redistricting on the basis of ‘voting trends’ to eliminate Democratic seats in the House of Representatives all across America and the blatant disregard of the American people on several fronts gives the Democratic party a real opportunity here, or nearly any party, for that matter.

Redistricting on the basis of voting trends.  Does that mean that the American people can bring suit against the Presidential election conclusion of 2000?  Gore didn’t get the White House based on voting trends.   When does the statute of limitations begin on something like that?   When the event occurred or the precedent was established?  

People keep saying that all this messin’ with Texas and more is a dangerous precedent, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears.   It’s stuck on repeat – “The Democrats did it.”  Why do you suppose America started voting Republican on the local and state level?    They were sick to death, and the issue was character.  Whatever the cause, it doesn’t justify this kind of nastiness.  Childhood lessons taught that two wrongs don’t make a right.  Left or right, there’s plenty of wrong to go around these days.

This is an opportunity as well as a challenge.  It is a door kicked in by the obnoxious bullying of an administration that bought and muscled their way into power and exposed a sea of dissolutioned and dissappointed that are so thirsty that they will crawl through the desert to drink the sand.  Straight shooters with strong convictions and good character are going to be contenders in 2004.  People are going to take a hard look at the untainted, the pre-Washington, the ‘Deans’ of the race.  His own party is afraid of his success.  The obvious conclusion would be that they cannot dictate his position.  That would be a refreshing change.

For the incumbent, it is touting domestic goodies like the new Medicare legislation, the tax cuts, and continuing to justify the wars abroad, which were all designed to keep the smoke screen up until the voting booths opened, but it all started to unravel.

The White House proclaimed that the American people just don’t care whether there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but the polls show that they most certainly do.   They cared enough to support an invasion, what makes them think they don’t care if they were horn-swoggled?

Somebody must care, because the investigation is full throttle, and they aren’t all Democrats.  Some are British.  Republicans are starting to see that even redistricting out Democrat seats or recalling a governor to control California are not guarantees of a majority.  It isn’t certain that this strategy will succeed.  After all, if the ‘trend’ in Congressional District 4 is 38 to 62% favoring Republicans, who voted for Ralph Hall? 

There are so many things wrong with what is popular these days that it is hard to keep score.  On the tax cut, the House Majority Leader,  ‘Hammer’ Delay, proclaimed that there would be more of this to come?   He is the supposed ‘mastermind’ behind the redistricting of Texas, now known as ‘Perrymander’, and named by a Social Studies teacher from San Antonio, with a doctorate in Political Science from Columbia, during his testimony at the committee public hearings in Austin.

I’d say if Mr. Bush wins re-election, Hammer wouldn’t be a prophet, just an indiscrete guy with an inside look.  Besides, if America is out of work, what else can they cut?   It’s possible that they won’t let it go that far.  It’s possible that we’ll be just miserable enough to lose most of what we’ve earned, then they’ll offer us some phenomenal rescue to bring us back from the daunting cliffs on the edge of hell, and the approval ratings will soar.

It still won’t make up for all the wrongs of late.  It might just backfire.  Attempts to divert focus are going to be a major concern for this Administration.  For instance, Iraq was obviously not a case of David and Goliath.  

As of July 27th, 243 American troops had died in Iraq II – 149 since Bush landed on the deck of the Lincoln.  When confronted with the realization that guerilla warfare had ensued, he remarked, ‘Bring ‘em on!’ (Yee-ha!), thinking he was in control and on a roll.  Several more troops were killed or injured the next day.   Recently, a tape was released that is said to be Hussein himself calling for war against all Americans, which has been aligned with the taunting statements of challenge by Mr. Bush.    No one is going to forget this.

I thought the headline would read [Drum roll, please] ‘Bush Wins Without Supremes’, but that no longer seems to be a given.  I kept watching as his staff departed, one by one, beginning with Karen Hughes (August, 2002), who just wanted to spend time with her family. That seems to be the most popular reason for the departures from this administration, including Mary Matalin (December, 2002), General Tommy Franks (who was slated to rule Iraq after the capture – and walked away) and Christine Todd Whitman (May, 2003), with the most recent being Ari Fleischer (July, 2003), who told David Letterman that the job just takes its toll.   That’s no epiphany.

All the tiny little pieces of this very complex puzzle are coming together to paint a very disturbing picture.  The Bush Administration has muscled its way right into the glaring traditional light of truth, justice, and the American way.  They have stepped on nearly everybody to get there, and thought they were invincible.  They have been laboring under the misconception that they could do anything to anybody and not be held accountable, even before they took office.  It is early in this election bid, and they seem to think America is pretty stupid. 

It’s a scramble for effect of unparalleled proportions.  The Tony Blair speech to Congress just comes off as political doubletalk in the wake of manipulation that has led to the inadequacies exposed during this tragic chain of events.  The people were thought to have been so burdened and busy with their own woes that they just wouldn’t notice or care about government agendas. When sacrifices are made for questionable reasons, Americans care.  In fact, they remember like an elephant and kick like a mule.

I cannot think of a single thing more devastating than being held responsible in the eyes of a neighbor for supporting a wrong that cost the life of a loved one.  Our troops, thank God, suck it up, and do their job, in the face of continuing treachery.  I have great respect for each and every one of them, and their families.

“War…should only be declared by the authority of the people, whose toils and treasures are to support its burdens, instead of the government which is to reap its fruits.”  James Madison, January 31, 1792

The people have to make their decisions by trusting that the facts presented by their leaders are honest, and let us not forget - fruit has been a symbol of temptation since the Garden of Eden.  

Thomas Jefferson said, “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.”  On the National level, with the marked exception of John McCain, we haven’t seen measurable compassion and honesty since Jimmy Carter, God bless his gentle soul.

George W. Bush may be a good person.  I only know his professional projection.  He is very ambitious.   He presents as arrogant, spoiled, and self-indulgent.  If there is compassion in him, it doesn’t show.  Not in his actions, words, or deeds.  In recent days, he has begun to show some vulnerability, but not compassion.  Was he duped?  Maybe, but he’s not doing anything about it.  If he is actually the most powerful man in the world, he should clean house and make it right. 

There are whispers on the wind of impeachment.  That particular whisper rattled President Clinton, as well, who after recently being in Africa about the same time as President Bush, has become an advocate for reason and calm. 

Ambition is a positive facet of one’s character only if history judges that in their quest, they were considerate of all those who were dependent upon them.   The entire world is dependent, in one form or another, on the President of the United States.

The American people believe that being President is entirely about character.  They recognize that men have feet of clay.  They have exercised patience and forgiveness, at times, even when sorely disappointed.  They believe that America should be the standard.  They expect her to be the epitome of respect and honor.  They continue to hope for a candidate with the basic combination of honesty, compassion, intelligence, and consideration for all the people.

If you take a close look at history, none of this is news.  Competitive, territorial, judgmental perspectives started long before America.  History is filled with the record of man’s perceived mistakes and the punishments and forgiveness for them.

Even if someone could walk on water –

Everybody’s got a rock.

Copyright 2003 by D.S. Gands, All rights reserved

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