Redistricting in Texas begins - NOW
By D S Gands
Jun 30, 2003
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 Per the Texas Online Senate website, the Special Session of the 78th Legislature, First Called Session, begins at 10:00 AM. The live broadcast of the Senate can be viewed at the Senate RealMedia Broadcast page.

On June 24, 2003, Senator Robert Duncan (R), Senate District 28, of Lubbock, and Chairman of the Senate Jurisprudence Committee, released a Notice of Public Hearing announcing the locations for the Committee to take testimony on the redistricting issue for this called Special Session.   The sites included in the Notice were, Laredo, San Angelo, McAllen, Houston, and Dallas.  If you are interested in attending a public hearing on this subject, visit the link to hearing schedules for additional information.  The Senate Committee on Jurisprudence weblink is:

The webcast broadcast for the Senate is an excellent tool to obtain real time information on the events of the Senate.

In the House, the Jurisdiction Committee has fifteen members.  They will be reviewing such subjects as (1) house and senate legislative districts, and any changes or amendments for both;  (2) creation, changes and amendments for congressional districts; (3) establishing districts for the election of judicial officers or of governing bodies or representatives of political subdivisions or state agencies as required by law; and (4) any preparations for the redistricting process.  You can get the information and view their schedules at

Click on the links for each member to read about them.  If you would like to e-mail your Senator or Representative, please visit the respective sites at:

http://  or   http://  and locate the appropriate e-mail address.