By DS Gands
Oct 10, 2003
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Delay rode in.  The people (mostly Republican politicians) scattered, scurrying into the shadows and protections along the streets of Texas.  Called out, one by one, they emerged to be hammered.

Dewhurst announced that US Rep Delay came to town and brokered a deal for the redistricting map challenges in West Texas that has an agreement, Ďin principleí (Principle?) with Craddick for a map that will be presented on Thursday morning.  Though it isnít known publicly what the compromises were, the map is set for second reading in the Senate on Saturday.  It looks like Delay got his possible seven seats for the US House of Representatives.  At a cost of more than $5M to the Texas budget and taxpayers.  Expensive seats.  More than a Bush fundraiser, Iíd venture to say.

So what did we buy Delay?  Speaker of the House?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

One thing is for certain, if they pass the map Saturday, and they most likely will do so, the primaries will not be delayed.  No pun intended.  State officials will get to go home, which is what they want at this point.  What of the issues for our people and State?  Maybe NEXT Special Session, you think?

Step back folks.  Take a long look at the way Bush politics works.  Look across the nation and even overseas.  It isnít about whatís best for anyone else.  Itís about what they want, and they will use any device to get it.

I, personally, never really cared whether there was a redistricting effort or not.  I did, however, care about the way it was rammed down my throat, the way it was manipulated, the motives, and the challenges to the law (which have yet to be countered).  But, I kept telling myself, no matter the outcome, no matter the costs, the final hoorah is in the end of my chad-puncher.  I have a big mouth, a big venue, and a lot to share.  That may influence other chad-punchers.  Maybe even some that never took delight in the experience.  And, THAT has kept my chin up.

No matter where they draw the lines.  No matter what they try to manipulate.  No matter how much they bend the rules. No matter how much of MY money they thwart on their agendas, I have a voice.  I have an opinion.  And, I, just like hundreds of thousands more, have a vote.  I could have been a supporter, maybe, based on the rhetoric of the Bush campaign.  However, all of that seems like a distant memory awash in the nasty realities of the last three years.

Just like any other tide of change, this will eventually wash out to sea.  And, there, on the beach, baking in the sun - will be the remnants of the past.  When it happens, Iím going to take a metal detector and look for buried treasures. 

At the ballot box, Iíll be looking for candidates that care about us.  Anything is possible.