Stacking the deck - A dangerous deal
By DS Gands
Sep 22, 2003
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There are only two sides to the issue of Redistricting - either you are for or against.

The sub-issues of this lengthy and costly issue for Texas, are filled with gray areas of which some are yet to be identified. Itís a dangerous deal.

It is obvious to everyone, and I donít care what party you claim, that the redistricting of Texas is a move to enhance the Republican majority of the House of Representatives, and I might add, could have a great deal of influence over other elected offices. Itís a power grab - plain and simple. Itís been a dirty, long, sickening, EXPENSIVE ordeal, and I cannot say that I am pleased at all with the law as it relates to this one issue. It is either flawed or not being utilized for protection of voterís rights - and, thatís criminal.

The Democrats of Texas have pushed the envelope on this issue to the point where the voters are breaking. The Republicans have taken a position that the only thing that matters are their own butts or concerns for their alliances, and that is political suicide.

Monday morning, bright and early, a public hearing is scheduled on a Bill introduced by Chris Harris, Senator District 9, Fort Worth, and an attorney. I read it, and I was simply amazed at the lack of detail and the blatant dictatorial overtones. It has enough holes in it to pass for swiss cheese, but if it is passed, no matter the form, to exact these kinds of conditions on elected officials making any and all captives of the Senate, who by oath of office are sworn to represent their constituency, who might I ask, of any character and integrity will ever run for office in the future? Only those who are owned by the dictators of the system, not anyone who cares to be the champions of it.

It wonít matter if we write the Governor, Senate Chair, or Speaker of the House. It wonít matter if we write to our Representatives or Senators. It wonít matter if we support the Democratsí fight to end this war for rights. It wonít matter if we attend and give testimony at public hearings. It wonít matter whether we object to the spending of millions for political campaigns that should be going to the needs of our citizens and our entities. It wonít matter if we plead with Bush to stop this insanity. It wonít matter.

Because, before you and I ever got notice, the movement to totally control government by the Bush Administration was in effect. It began the day Bush was sworn as the selected President of the United States.

It doesnít matter if you are from Texas or California, North Carolina or Colorado, Washington D.C. (which is a whole other issue unto itself), or you are an alien living in this country and cannot vote. Your money is being spent as political capitol, and there isnít one cotton pickin' thing you can do about it.

The surplus is gone.

Our kids are dying in another Bush war.

Bush is crawling back to the UN for help.

There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Osama Bin Laden is still roaming the earth.

Saddam Hussein is still off the scope on the desert depth finders.

Arafat still calls the shots in the Middle East.

The economy is strangling us.

Schools are in budget crisis and closing.

More than 2.5 Million Americans are out of a job since January, 2000.

Energy and fuel costs are through the roof.

Our intelligence information is now coming from the New York Times.

We have power grids on the verge of collapse.

We have environmental issues that are killing us, a day at a time.

We still donít have any reasonable tax relief for the poor.

We have a ĎPatriot Actí that allows the Attorney General to do anything he wants to our privacy.

And, now, they want a complete majority - complete control - and Texas redistricting is just one of the ways they are attempting to get it.

Who the thunder do these people think they are?  Have they found catastrophic gorges in the Constitution and the law that allows them to create an eighteenth century English rule?

The Republican Party better take a long hard look at themselves. Rigging elections, manipulating law, oppressing the voters is a dangerous game. Thwarting the rules of representation on a State level by influence of Federal officials should be a violation of sovereignty for the States to govern themselves.

The redistricting effort in Texas, in my opinion, is illegal on several fronts, and should be taken up in full blown battle through the judicial system and through grassroots campaigning to eliminate any participant in the effort to implement it. If the Senate passes Harrisí Bill, and the House concurs, the Senate will set a deadly precedent for elected officials across this State. There will be citations requested, issued, and used to fortify plaintiff suits for as far as the eye can see. It will put the entire system at risk, and that kind of collapse could backfire on every office. This little venture is going to end up cutting off their nose to spite their faces.

Votes. The peopleís votes. THATís what counts on election day. And, I donít care what district you are in today or tomorrow, anyone with a conscience is going to eradicate dictatorial control of a free democracy.

Republicans beware. Nasty little games are no longer the stuff of private gatherings and slick implementations. They are all over the front pages of every news outlet around the globe, and everyone is reading.

This is stacking the deck - to limits that are beyond acceptance. Come election day, the people are the dealer with a fresh deck, and the game is 'Get the vote'.

This house of cards will fall.

Copyright 2003 by DS Gands, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - D.S. Gands  is a freelance writer living in North Texas. The opinions of this article do not necessarily reflect the perspectives of this publication. If you would like to see this or other articles by D.S. Gands appear in your favorite publication, ask the editor to contact  regarding available reprint or syndication rights.