Carolyn Cook Fauble named Artist of the Month at Granny Lou's Bed & Breakfast
By Creative Arts Center
Aug 29, 2014
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Carolyn Cook Fauble has been selected as Artist of the Month for Granny Lou's Bed and Breakfast. Her work is on display at Granny Lou's Bed and Breakfast located at 317 West Sam Rayburn, Bonham, Texas. You can also stop by the Creative Arts Center located at 200 West 5th Street, Bonham, Texas to see more of her work. 

Carolyn was born in Macomb, Illinois, grew up in the farming community of Vermont, Illinois and attended Western Illinois University, earning BA in Art Education class of 1968 and MA in studio painting class of 1972. She moved to Lewisville, Texas in 1974 and taught art in the Lewisville Independent School District for 30 years in the middle school and high school 1976 - 2006. She retired from Flower Mound High School in 2006 as department chair. 

I work in three media: watercolor, acrylic and ceramic clay," says Carolyn. "My undergraduate work was sculpture and my graduate work was in watercolor. My sculpture displays a humorous use of the natural and surreal in unusual combinations.  My paintings range from the natural to the totally nonobjective. Nature's colors, patterns and textures have always played a very important role in how I view the world, and eventually show up in my work. 

"Being a public school art teacher required me to be adept in many media and techniques. Students often sat in my classes for 3 and 4 years at a stretch. Boredom was not an option, so I was constantly creating new developmental approaches for teaching the same basics of art and design. Diversity in my own work and frequent experimentation kept the creative process fresh and alive for me, as well. 

Carolyn Cook Fauble

Congratulations to Carolyn and thanks to Granny Lou's Bed and Breakfast for supporting our local artist.