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Grayson College offers One Day College for senior adults
By Grayson College
Aug 11, 2014
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Love of learning doesn’t diminish with age. One Day College, offered by Grayson College’s Center for Workplace Learning, is designed for Texoma seniors age 60+ who want to experience college all over again – minus the homework and exams.           

The day-long event is set for Aug. 15 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the CWL. Tuition is $35 and includes lunch, coffee and cookies.

“One Day College at Grayson College is exactly that,” said Kate Corder, GC’s director of continuing education. “It’s a single day when notable, engaging faculty present shortened versions of their most popular lectures in politics, art, history, psychology, music and English literature.”

Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. followed by welcoming remarks from Dr. Jeremy McMillen, GC’s president. Breakout sessions 1 and 2 take place before lunch at noon, and breakout sessions 3 and 4 are after lunch. Each breakout session offers a choice of two topics, including:           

“Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria” (Session 1) explores how antibiotic resistance has become a major clinical and public health problem. Confronted by increasing amounts of antibiotics over the last 60 years, bacteria have responded by becoming less susceptible to them. It reviews the potential major hazards with the ever-increasing, common-resistant bacteria and the inability to treat them successfully. Michael Dill, professor of microbiology/biology at GC, teaches the session. He has professional experience in oil field microbiology, environmental microbiology, industrial hygiene, and radiopharmaceuticals.

“You Call THIS Art?” (Session 1) takes a look at various pieces of modern art paintings and sculptures, many of which were considered shocking and inappropriate. Through time, opinion has mellowed to better understand and even appreciate these pieces and their creators. It’s taught by Steve Black, a visual arts professor and curator of GC’s 2nd Floor Gallery. His art work has been seen in galleries throughout North Texas.

“Coexisting in a World of Different Religions” (Session 2) takes a look at the observation that more wars have been fought in the name of religion than anything else and its subsequent question: Why can’t religions coexist peacefully? Bernie Gallagher offers a brief overview on all of the world’s major religions and the ways theses religions have impacted the world today. Gallagher, GC humanities professor and director of the Baptist Student Ministry, has been part of Grayson College for 32 years. He has a master’s degree in humanistic studies from California State University and a master’s degree in biblical studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“The Great Americans” (Session 2) focuses on the great leaders in American history. It introduces the use of biographical history of several great American leaders as a means to cover United States history, presenting a humanized perspective on these leaders in relation to the major events and developments that shaped America before the Civil War. The session is taught by Dr. Chase Machen, GC’s chair of social sciences and professor of history since 2010. He received the college’s Professor of the Year Award in 2013, is a regular contributor to the development of history course learning objectives for state colleges, and serves on the Legislative Committee of the Texas Community College Teachers Association.

“I Didn’t Mean It That Way!” (Session 3) examines how and why our interpretations of visual messages differ, especially where advertising and propaganda are concerned. Discussion also includes how the addition of words to an image can alter the viewer’s perception of the image. The session is taught by Kellie Matherly, an English professor at GC. She is finishing requirements for a doctorate in rhetoric at Texas Woman’s University in Denton. Her main areas of research are Native American culture and literature, visual and digital rhetoric, and folklore.

“So, What’s the Big Deal About Classical Music?” (Session 3) introduces basic elements of music (e.g., melody, rhythm, harmony, etc.) and identifies how classical composers use these basic elements to create masterpieces. Class activities reinforce the concepts and help participants apply what the have learned by identifying these basic elements in the broader context of a classical masterpiece. Dr. David Tercero finds joy in sharing his passion for classical music with students in his role as professor and program director of GC’s Music Department. He also is an award-winning guitarist at competitions in the United States and Italy.

“Stress Busters: Healthy and Fun Ways to Manage Stress” (Session 4) helps participants identify their optimal level of stress, recognize potential balance shifts that threaten well-being and happiness, and learn positive ways to moderate stress to maintain a healthy and fun balance. Carla Fanning, professor and director of GC’s psychology program, teaches the session. She began her career interested in abnormal psychology but her current interests are in the areas of stress, personality, positive psychology, and health psychology. She is the author of an introductory psychology textbook, “Psychology in the Fastlane: Understanding the Human Element.”

The second topic for Session 4 is still in development. In addition to the breakout sessions, participants also receive a preview of Grayson College’s new course offerings for its Texoma’s Educationally Active Mature Seniors (TEAMS) program that begins this fall. Also designed for senior adults age 60+, the non-credit courses cover topics in art, culinary arts, current events, history, lifestyle issues, literature, social sciences, and local entertainment and tours.

For more information about One Day College or to register, visit the GC Center for Workplace Learning website at www.cwlgcc.org.

Registration may be completed online at www.cwlgcc.org, in person weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the CWL on the college’s Main Campus in Denison, or by phone at 903-463-8765 if paying with MasterCard, Discover or Visa credit cards.