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'Casey Jones' comes to Bonham's Heritage Day Celebration
By Allen Rich
May 3, 2014
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No, we're not talking about the ill-fated railroad engineer who met his maker on April 30, 1900; this "Casey Jones" 561 Heavy Duty Gang Car, powered by a Model "A" four-cylinder engine, will be on display in Bonham Saturday, May 3 as part of Heritage Day Celebration.

Actually, there will be two motorcars on the railroad tracks in historic downtown Bonham this Saturday. In addition to Lindsay, Texas resident Jeff Cooney's "Casey Jones," Rick Prentice is bringing a motorcar used in the '60s that has been restored to working shape and will eventually be on display at the Katy Depot in Denison.

Both Cooney and Prentice are avid railroad enthusiasts who devote time to the restoration and preservation of historic rail corridors. Both men plan to have their machines displayed on the tracks May 3 from mid-morning until the afternoon.

Cooney's colorful Casey Jones car was manufactured by the Northwestern Motor Car Company in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and dates to approximately 1930.

This Casey Jones 561 Heavy Duty Gang Car was originally used by the Katy Railroad and came out of Denison, Texas. Cooney found the car sitting in a pasture near Trenton, Texas in 2009.