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Kelso Technologies breaks ground for 44,000 sq. ft. production facility in Bonham
By Allen Rich
Dec 25, 2013
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Bonham -- Tuesday, December 3, 2013, state and local officials gathered with management at Kelso Technologies, Inc. to break ground for the company's 44,000 square foot production facility in Bonham Industrial Park.

"This is an exciting day for Kelso and also for the City of Bonham," Mayor Floyd remarked as he welcomed the crowd. "Kelso has been a great corporate friend. Bonham has cherished this business and also this friendship."

"Congratulations to Bonham, Texas," said State Representative Larry Phillips. "What a great day. When we work together as a community, great things can happen. It is your support, along with the mayor and Bonham Industrial Foundation that make this city great."

Phillips noted the good working relationship he has with State Senator Bob Deuell, who was also in attendance.

"We work together to make Texas a great place for business," Phillips stated. "I'm excited about the product Kelso makes, a product that makes transport safer and quicker. On behalf of the City of Bonham, we want to welcome you here and thank you for this investment."

The production facility is expected to cost $2,400,000 and construction should be completed in mid 2014.

"I want to congratulate the community and Kelso for the decision to locate here," said Senator Deuell, adding that the Texas legislature strives for reasonable regulations and fair taxes.

"This is an example of that," remarked Deuell.

Neal Gambow, President and CEO of Kelso stated that the company was honored that State Representative Phillips and State Senator Deuell were present for the groundbreaking ceremony.

"I want to thank Bonham Mayor Roy Floyd especially," Mr. Gambow told the crowd. "Roy stuck with us through thick and thin. He made sure we knew how much we were wanted here."

Gambow pointed out that, in addition to the 44,000 square foot production facility, there is enough room at this location to add on another 70,000 square feet of work space.

"Who knows where this is going?" remarked Gambow.

To understand the potential of this production line, consider that it began in a garage in Gober, Texas with an income of $180,000 annually. This year it will earn $13 million. Projected revenue in 2014 is $24 million.

In addition to the company's successful line of pressure relief valves, Kelso Technologies is bringing its Kelso Klincher® Manway into production in 2014 followed by its new proprietary bottom outlet valve.

The Kelso Klincher® Manway, an external relief valve used on rail tank cars, is a patented design with no existing competitors in the industry. Kelso's single-bolt design replaces eight-bolt manway models that have been the industry standard for almost a century. The Kelso Klincher® Manway can be opened or closed in five minutes, as opposed to the 30 minutes it takes to open or close the older eight-bolt manway models.

Gambow closed by recognizing the employees who have jumpstarted this production line.

"We really care and they really care," stated Gambow.

Bonham Mayor Roy Floyd speaks as Kelso President & CEO Neil Gambow looks on.

State Representative Larry Phillips addresses the crowd with Neal Gambow and Tom Morgan in the background.

State Senator Bob Deuell speaks.

Fannin County Judge Spanky Carter pledges county support for Kelso.

Bonham Mayor Roy Floyd stands at the podium. Looking on (L-R) are State Representative Larry Phillips, Fannin County Judge Spanky Carter, Kelso President and CEO Neil Gambow and Tom Morgan of Kelso,

(L-R) Carl McEachern, State Senator Bob Deuell, Tom Morgan and Tony Andrukaitis

(L-R) Dr. Randy McBroom and Tom Morgan

(L-R) Carl McEachern, Senator Bob Deuell, State Representative Larry Phillips, and Tony Andrukaitis

KTEN interviews Neil Gambow following the groundbreaking ceremony.