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Bonham City Council canvasses election results, elects mayor pro tem
By Allen Rich
May 14, 2024
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Bonham, Texas -- Bonham Mayor H.L. Compton presided over a regular meeting of Bonham City Council held Monday, May 13, 2024, with councilmembers John Burnett, Tim La Vergne II, Michael Evans, Ernie Quintana and Wayne Moore present. The meeting opened with an invocation by Mark Posey.


The first order of business was to canvass returns of the May 4, 2024 election.

Mayor Compton noted that only 223 votes were cast in a city with 4,599 registered voters.

"If you didn't vote, please don't go on Facebook and complain," remarked Compton.

In a three-way race for the at-large position on Bonham City Council, Kevin Hayes had 136 votes (60.99%), Tony Rodriguez garnered 49 votes (21.97%) and Michael S. Evans finished with 38 votes.

Bonham Mayor H.L. Compton ran unopposed and received 196 votes in the only other race on the ballot in the general election.

In the special election, Allen Sanderson ran unopposed to represent Ward 4 and received 194 votes.

The Ward 4 seat on Bonham City Council has been vacant since September 11, 2023 when Bill Chapman moved and resigned. The special election for Ward 4 will be for one year to finish Chapman's unexpired term.


City of Bonham Secretary and notary public Heather Stockton administered the oath of office to Mayor Compton and newly elected councilmembers Kevin Hayes and Allen Sanderson.


Bonham City Council unanimously voted to elect John Burnett as mayor pro tem; City of Bonham Secretary and notary public Heather Stockton administered the oath of office.

Councilmember John Burnett is administered the oath of office as mayor pro tem by City of Bonham Secretary and notary public Heather Stockton


City council approved minutes from a regular meeting held April 8, 2024.


Bonham City Council voted to accept the financial report for the month ending April 30, 2024.

Sates tax receipts were up slightly more than 15%.


In the segment of the meeting reserved for citizens to speak, Penny Meyer represented group of Lake Bonham residents and addressed city council regarding a decision on April 8, 2024, to consider offers on 76 acres the city owns on the north side of Lake Bonham.

Ms. Meyer called the tract of land a "sanctuary" and an "untouched expanse of nature" that would make a scenic park. Meyer respectfully asked city council to reconsider the decision made April 8.

"We're still working through the process," noted Joey Grisham, Executive Director of BEDCO, adding that potential buyers will be brought before city council for consideration.

Another Lake Bonham resident, Christine Nowak, advised city council that, beyond the obvious aesthetic value of the 76 acres, this is well-known habitat for bald eagles, which could bring the federal Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act into play.

Ms. Nowak suggested that a comprehensive environmental study is needed and she also worries that further development will increase flood damage that several residents of Lake Bonham are already experiencing.

Former councilmember Michael Evans said the city needs to study its course of action and communicate that with the public as well as developers. As was the case with Nowak, Mr. Evans believes that laws governing eagle habitat could result in significant issues.

"Slow down a little bit," advised Evans, "and look over everything."

Community members stand to let city council know they are concerned about plans for 76 acres the city owns on the north side of Lake Bonham.


Bonham City Council voted to award a bid to Underwood Inc. for Dewatering Equipment Improvements.

Tyler Creamer, P.E., representing Hayter Engineering, told city council that five bids were received and he recommended going with the low bid of $230,164.00, submitted by Underwood Inc.

Mr. Creamer said references were checked and he also has prior experience working with Underwood Inc. on other projects.


In an effort to improve staff efficiency, Ross Altobelli, Director of Community Development for the City of Bonham, presented possible developments and amendments to various development ordinances, regulations and procedures within the City of Bonham Code of Ordinances.

 Some of the suggestions for amendments include:

Maintaining separate policies and procedures for the submission and processing of applicants

  • Creation of Plan and Plat checklists
  • Update the platting process
  • Create site planning process
  • Enhanced landscaping requirements
  • Amendments to the permitting fees
  • Modification of the Construction Standards and Procedures
  • Updates to Vehicle Parking Regulations

City staff hopes to present recommended amendments to city council in July and suggests a public hearing to consider changes and amendments.


By a 5-1 vote, city council approved an appeal of the April 18, 2024 Planning and Zoning Commission decisions to waive the sidewalk and curb/gutter construction requirements for two properties located at 309 W 2nd St and 402 W 2nd St.

Mayor Compton and councilmembers John Burnett, Allen Sanderson, Kevin Hayes and Ernie Quintana voted to approve the appeal, Wayne Moore abstained and Tim La Vergne cast the opposing vote. 


Bonham City Council reappointed Joe Dale and Jerry Hopson to the Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals and appointed John Burnett, Edward Ray and Allen Sanderson to the board. 


City council voted to approve a budget amendment for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2024.

 The $100,000 budget amendment provides for monies from the Neighborhood Revitalization Grant fund to assist with infrastructure needs on two development projects.


City council voted to approve a bank depository contract with First United Bank.

The city received bank depository proposals from CapTex Bank, First United Bank and Legend Bank.

City staff noted that while Legend Bank has served the city well for the past several years, staff recommended the proposal submitted by First United Bank.


Bonham City Council voted to authorize staff to apply for a grant from the Texas General Land Office through the Resilient Communities Program.

The Texas General Land Office grant program provided for the development and implementation of a comprehensive plan that incorporates hazard mitigation.

This grant does not require a matching contribution. City staff credits BEDCO Executive Director Joey Grisham for bringing this grant program to their attention.


Bonham City Council held a public hearing and then voted to approve an ordinance amending Ordinance 1429 providing for a fee schedule for solid waste collection services inside the city and at Lake Bonham.

Residential trash service fees will increase $1 from $24.16 to $25.16.

City resident Rusty Deets reminded councilmembers how many times Sanitary Solutions has promised to leave trash cans in the proper place, but Mr. Deets insisted that is not always the case.

"We will talk to them again," promised Mayor Compton.


City Council approved an Interlocal Agreement between the City of Bonham and Fannin County regarding maintenance.


City council received an update regarding a committee meeting to review narrow streets.

Narrow streets cause a myriad of problems and the city receives complaints about cars parked in yards and motorcycles parked on the sidewalk. Although Bonham has no city ordinance that addresses parking in yards, state law forebids blocking sidewalks.