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City of Bonham addresses odor in south Bonham and Powder Creek Park
By City of Bonham
Nov 14, 2023
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Bonham, Texas -- On Friday afternoon, November 10, city crews located a sewer main that had collapsed south of the prison off Silo Road. Crews were able to isolate the incident after several hours of work. Some  leakage did reach a portion of Powder Creek which is nearby. Throughout the weekend, city crews continued with clean-up efforts as required by state law and we have made an incident report to TCEQ.  We will continue to conduct inspections and evaluate any affected areas on a routine basis. Rest assured the incident is under control.

Furthermore, please keep in mind that we are also in our fall season, leaves have already begun to fall, and they deposit inside of all creek beds. Over a period, these leaves decompose and naturally cause black water and odor. Fallen leaves contain a lot of phosphorus and nitrogen. When this washes into storm water drains or creeks, they add too many nutrients to the water, resulting in algal blooms that can change watercolor and produce odor and at some levels increase toxicity in water channels.  So, we do have a two-part culprit for odd smells and discoloration coming from both creek areas and any tributary in general. These examples are in reference to the "odor" reports we have received recently.

During periods of drought, that later switch to rainy season, water and sewer lines shift and they are the most vulnerable to breaking. Our crews are quick to respond at all hours of the day and night and they are equipped, both with the proper process of handling any leak, and the reporting that is required.

Should you have any questions or need clarification, please contact Lance Capehart - Director of Utilities 903-583-7555, ext. 122