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Doing more for less in Fannin County
By Jerry Williams
Nov 14, 2023
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Fannin County, Texas -- In law enforcement there is a need for quality training, but the budget doesn’t always have room for it. Thanks to Cody Shook for understanding the need, realizing our small town doesn’t have a big budget, and doing the leg work to bring the Department of Homeland Security to Ector to provide us with FLETC Firearms Instructor Training Course.

Cody was able to set up the class, arrange the venue and shooting range, handle all of the shipments of equipment, not only from Homeland Security, but also from all the other students from around the country. In this class there were police officers from Washington state, Delaware, Oklahoma, LAPD, NYPD, Savoy PD and City of Ector, Texas. It is this kind of forward thinking that not only makes the county safer but also saves the taxpayers money. 

This is the kind of change Fannin County needs. Again this was a 2 week (80 hour) class, at almost no cost to the agency. It only took a Chief that was willing to put in extra time, effort, and caring that we receive some much needed training.