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Be aware of upcoming Van Alstyne US 75 frontage road sign changes
By Texas Department of Transportation
Feb 5, 2023
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Van Alstyne, Texas Texas Department of Transportation officials today announced that the yield signs at entrance and exit ramps along the frontage roads of US 75 in the Van Alstyne area will be changed to stop signs on Feb. 7, weather permitting.

TxDOT crews will change existing yield signs to stop signs on both sides of US 75 at each entrance ramp and exit ramp between Farmington/Blythe Road and County Line Road/Panther Parkway. Traffic exiting from US 75 will not have to stop. Only frontage road traffic that currently yields to exiting traffic from US 75 will have to stop.

Once the frontage roads are converted to one-way traffic in late 2024, frontage road lanes will merge down to one lane so that traffic exiting from US 75 has its own lane, officials said.

Message boards will be placed at high-volume traffic ramps the week of Feb. 1 to alert travelers of this change, officials said.

Motorists who frequently travel in this area are asked to pay special attention to all barricades, traffic controls and signs, and to reduce their speed as they approach and travel through work zones. They should also avoid distractions such as cell phones, eating, drinking, or car audio or navigation systems.

For more information, contact Tim.McAlavy@txdot.gov or (903) 737-9213