Planning ahead for Fannin County’s newest lake
By Upper Trinity Regional Water District
Dec 17, 2022
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Significant inroads on SH 34 & Merrill Creek bridges

Fannin County, Texas -- Construction on the roadways over and around future Lake Ralph Hall has been—quite literally—trucking along. Flatiron is finishing the decking for the North Sulphur Bridge and will roll on to the side barriers. All of the beams have been set on Merrill Creek Bridge, decking is expected to be finished by the end of December.

Recent progress on Merrill Creek Bridge

Over the next couple of months, the side barriers will be completed followed by asphalt if the weather allows. Flatiron currently has around 80 workers onsite, and they are scheduled to open the bridges to traffic next spring.

Planning for Fannin County's newest lake

As construction moves forward for Lake Ralph Hall, so do plans for future land use around the new lake. In October, the Fannin County Commissioner’s Court adopted the Lake Ralph Hall Comprehensive Plan. The plan was created to provide general guidelines for how land should be developed and used around the lake to protect the reservoir and its water quality. The county is now conducting a number of public meetings to develop specific zoning regulations based on the comprehensive plan. These regulations will provide specific rules for how the county regulates development within the zoned area.
Another public hearing is scheduled for January 26. The consultant is on schedule to send a completed set of zoning regulations to the commissioner’s court for review and/or approval by the end of next January.

Map of Lake Ralph Hall included in the recently adopted Comprehensive Plan

Learn more about the Lake Ralph Hall Comprehensive Plan and next steps to develop zoning regulations:

Lake progress - In a snapshot

  • Workers are pouring concrete for the spillway (pictured above) and continue to move dirt to build the dam’s embankment. Clearing within the general reservoir area will begin soon.
  • The SH 34 bridge is almost done—getting its last coat of concrete, after which workers will just need to finish the bridge barriers. All the beams on Merrill Creek Bridge are now placed.
  • The pipeline and pump station designs are moving forward with both projects on schedule to break ground next spring/summer.
  • Mitigation plans are being finalized, and work is expected to start in early 2023.

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