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Amendment to ballot certification for Nov. 3 election will be required
By Tammy Biggar, Fannin County Clerk
Sep 17, 2020
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Fannin County, Texas -- Tammy Biggar, Fannin County Clerk has announced the Texas Supreme Court determined an amendment to the ballot certification for the November 3rd election will be required.  Being added to the ballot are U.S. Senate candidate, David B. Collins (Green Party) and Railroad Commissioner candidate Katija “Kat” Gruene (Green Party) and for those living in Congressional District 21, candidate Tommy Wakely (Green Party).

This means the database in which the ballot was created will have to be amended, the ballots reviewed and the equipment re-tested resulting in the ballots by mail not being mailed out this week as intended.  Fannin County will still meet the deadline to mail out military ballots by Saturday, September 19, 2020 as is required by law.  Sample ballots will be posted on the Fannin County website and the Fannin County Clerk’s Facebook page next week.