Pair of Bonham boys powerlifters place first in Lone Oak Powerlifting Meet
By Bonham ISD sports media release
Feb 5, 2018
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Lone Oak -- Boosted by first place finishers Austin Ballard and Daniel Dowling, the Bonham boys powerlifters placed fourth out of 25 schools competing in Lone Oak this past Saturday.

165s- Devin Howery (jr) - Placed 2nd
          Total=1080; s-405,b-255,dL-420

181s- Austin Ballard (sr) - Placed 1st
          Total=1400; s-535, b-320, dL-545
*Austin was Pound for Pound the Strongest lifter of all divisions!

181s- Aidan Straub (soph) - Placed 5th
          Total= 1145; s-450, b-235, dL-460

198s- Luke Porter (soph) - Placed 5th
           Total= 1105; s-430, b-250, dL-425

198s- Josh Phillips (jr) - Placed 8th
           Total= 890; s-340, b-235, dL-315

242s- Daniel Dowling (jr) - Placed 1st
         Total= 1520; s- 635,b-410, dL-475
          Daniel was Pound for Pound the 3rd
          Strongest lifter of all divisions. 

Shws- Chris Wilson (jr) - Placed 6th
           Total= 1075 s-375,b-260,dL-440

Shws- Sam Porter (jr) - Placed 7th
           Total=965; s-365,b-250,dL-350

Shws- Elijah McFarland (fr) - Placed 8th
          Total-760; s-250,b-210,dL-300