Announcing...Red River Scrapbook
By North Texas e-News
Jul 11, 2016
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We invite you to join North Texas e-News in a new project—a scrapbook of the Red River Valley and of the people, places, and events that have made a mark on this part of Texas and Oklahoma for two hundred years and more. At e-News we often have thought that an important function of a small town newspaper is to act as a repository of the everyday things that tie one day to the next, one year to the next, one generation to those who have come before and will come after.


This used to be the function of the old fashioned scrapbook, where people carefully cut and pasted clippings, pictures, bits of this and pieces of that, which would trigger memories later down the road. Today, those functions have given way to the Internet, the Web, and electrons that will flit around the Ethernet forever. At least that is the theory, if not a very scientific one.


In the beginning, our scrapbook will be made up of what we put in it, but as time goes by we will add links to other sites and other story you might find interesting. But it will depend on you, the readers, to make this idea blossom. Your memories, your stories, your parents and grandparents stories you heard as a child are what will bring life to this effort.


It is important to remember that history, lore, legend, and heritage are not just things that happened long, long, ago, but also things that happened more recently that you do not remember or do not know about. If you are growing up in the area now, your recollections of the summer 2016 will be very different from those of early generations and other times—different, but no less worthy of being remembered.



The Red River Scrapbook will be a work in progress, open to change and innovation to make it function better. That will take input from readers as well. As we move forward with this, we will put out the word on how to submit your stories, pictures, ideas, suggests, and comments, but for the first few weeks of this long hot July, keep a look out each Monday for a new addition to the scrapbook on the front page of the e-News and check the special link that takes you to the Scrapbook Tab. And welcome aboard.


For more information, please contact Edward Southerland at ems24tx@gmail.com or call 903-267-7791