In search of cornerstones
By Kay Layton Sisk
Jan 18, 2023
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While the original intent of the cornerstone was to align the rest of the building, often with astronomical precision, over time it became ceremonial. Set on the outside of the building, and usually on the corner, it might contain the name of the building, the year of construction, the builders, architect, etc. Sometimes there is a cavity where items such as newspapers or coins might be deposited as in a time capsule.

Cornerstones are typically found on public buildings, such as our Court House, and on churches, as “Jesus Christ himself being the cornerstone.” (Eph 2:20, RSV) Even keystones, as on the Sam Rayburn Library, may be considered as a cornerstone.

A drive around Bonham found the following cornerstones. They offer a variety of styles, placements and information.

New and old cornerstones, Fannin County Courthouse

Time capsule beneath the cornerstones, Fannin County Courthouse

New and old cornerstones, Fannin County Courthouse

U. S. Postoffice

First Christian Church

First Christian Church

First Christian Church

Seventh and Main Baptist Church, Educational Building

Seventh and Main Baptist Church

First Baptist Church

Bradford Chapel A. M. E. Church

First United Methodist Church

Bethlehem Baptist Church

Northside Church of Christ

Sam Rayburn Library

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